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Carding is played by child actor Robert "Buboy" Villar in the hit TV Series Darna, he is a friend of Narda and considered as a sidekick of Darna .

Book One

Carding or Ding is an orphan that wanders into the town of San Martin. There he attempts to make a living selling sampaguita. Shortly after arriving in town he is captured by Impy and made its host. Darna rescues him. Later reporters from Siklab Publishing Company interview him and Narda finds him, bringing him home to the Hospicio De San Martin orphanage. Narda insists on calling him 'Ding' as it sounds 'younger'.

He proves his worth to Narda when he saves her from two neighborhood hooligans harassing her. At first he is hesitant to make friends at the orphanage, believing friendship is fleeting-having experienced the loss of friends before. Carding is the one who has a felling that Narda is Darna. Then, one night, Ding secretly followed Narda. Then, Ding saw Narda turn into Darna!

Book Two

It is later revealed that Carding believes his mother to be Marina, which we see in a photo Ding holds. It is later shown that Marina , Ding is now mentally-disturbed and wandering the streets, she knew she is not the mother, but instead, his real mother is no other than Deborah, the manananggal. It remains to be seen whether he has powers inherited from his mother.


He is an average kid that much look like a common Filipino facial features, Dark eyes & Hair, Tan Skin, average height for a kid

Weapons & Abilities

Being a street rat of sorts, Ding knows how to protect himself. One of his weapons is a blow-arrow, he is a wise and a charismatic kid who can manipulate make strategic plans that helps Darna, he can even make Hawk Woman and the Tree Woman fight just because of his wittiness.

He keeps the Powerful Stone that Narda swallows before becoming a powerful Defender, he is also the only one who knows Darna's secret identity.

It is possible he has a supernatural powers due to he can presumably inherit the Manananggal blood of her mother, the common powers of a Mananaggal is Flight due to it's wings, Doubled Strength, Night Vision and Enhanced Smell and Sharp Claws and Fangs.

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