The "Eat" Owner is a recurring character in Wander Over Yonder. He's owner of the "Eat" fast food restaurant.

Physical Appearance

He's an alien humanoid with green skin, a hat with the logo of his restaurant's logo, in her facial appearance she has an unibrown covering his eyes (or maybe it was his eyes) and a moustache while he is wearing a purple shirt accompanied by a hawaiian tie and browns pants.


Michelle attended Lord Hater and his Watchdogs who had went to "Eat" to buy their lunch. And Wander, who was anxious to help, confronted them thinking that they had come to conquer their village, but Michelle's boss corrected him. Then, he and Michelle, tired for Wander's anxiety, request him he left the village.

"Eat" Owner and Michelle are seen in "The End of the Galaxy" to aid Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator.

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