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Tennessee "Kid" Cooper was one of the supporting characters in the Sly Cooper series. He was Sly's Western-outlaw ancestor from late-nineteenth century America. He left his revolvers and his hat in the Cooper Vault alongside his wealth and legacy. Tennessee Kid guarded his loot by testing the intruder with his signature move which consisted of rail sliding a figure-eight railroad track powered by inertia. "Tennessee Kid" Cooper is the second ancestor the Cooper Gang encounter in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

He is voiced by Sam Riegel.


Tennessee Kid Cooper is Sly's gun-slinging ancestor from the Wild West who has been shown to be in the game. His tales of thievery are the most daring in Cooper lore, but when he tried to a bank filled with gold, which was supposed to be his masterpiece, he was captured by Toothpick. However, the robbery still occurred, and Tennessee was blamed. Sly eventually busts him out of jail. Tennessee helps to save Carmelita, and the rest of the gang when they end up captured as well. He helps the gang in stopping Toothpick and retrieving the gold, which actually was stolen by Toothpick. He attempts to confront Toothpick, but has his cane taken. He appears in the present day with Bentley, Murray, and the other ancestors in retrieving their canes. His is retrieved by Sir Galleth. He helps Bentley and Murray to reach Le Paradox, and saved Sly and Carmelita before going back to his own time. Bentley notes that he became even more famous after he started stealing exclusively from corrupt lawmen.


Tennessee created the rail slide maneuver for quick getaways when pulling off train robberies. He also created a move called the Crackshot in which he slows down time and shoots multiple targets for a one hit kill.


Tennessee has an enthusiastic and confident personality, acting as comic relief at various points. Despite joking most of the time, he takes his family legacy very seriously, going as far as to threaten Sly out of suspicion of him mocking the Cooper Clan. However, he later told Sly that he knew he was a Cooper from the start and suggested he was merely testing him to confirm it, which goes along with his demand to escape the jail. When meeting his other relatives, he was surprised and somewhat amazed to see more members of his family. He later repaid Sly for saving him by freeing him from Le Paradox before returning to his time.




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