Ōu Army or Ōhu Army are the titular characters in Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion, Ginga: The Last Wars and Ginga Densetsu Noah.

First Generation's goal is to gather more fighters from all across Japan in order to kill Akakabuto.


When Riki survived from attack of Akakabuto and had amnesia, becoming the leader of a pack of wild dogs.

Packs needed more members, so Riki divided the current herd of 12 teams into four pieces and sent them in all the main directions to collect more dogs. Teams 1-3 went south, 4-6 went north, 7-9 went west, and 10-12 went east. Riki himself remained defending Ōu and waiting for the return of his warriors.

When the army was sufficiently large, the Great Battle against Akakabuto began in the Futago Pass. The area won from the Akakabuto began to be known as the Dog Paradise.

Riki's packs had less than 100 dogs. Most of these were abandoned hunting dogs. A total of 1,800 dogs were successful in the Battle of the Great, but most died and some were wounded in the conquest of Akakabuto Fortresses. After that, there were only 800 dogs in combat condition, some of which were killed by the Harpoon Bear.

In the end, only 750 dogs participated in the battle against Akakabuto himself, and several hundred died.

More than six years after the Ou army mentions of at least 700 warriors. Of these, 200 participated in the battle against the Gaia Empire, and some died in the battle and destruction of the wolf's underground kingdom.

Most of the old Ou army have retired to their homelands, and paradise has mostly young dogs and a few senior officers. Several dogs died in human bullets and in the battle against the monster. By the time Weed took command of the army, it only included more than a dozen dogs.

Weed manages to assemble a 72-head expedition to fight Hōgen's 700-head army. In Ōu, the army increased to one hundred with the help of Akame and Moss. Then Gin arrived in Ōu with the 500-head domestic dog army he had collected. After Hōgen's death, most of the domestic dogs were likely to return to their owners.



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