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The 00 Cyborgs are the main protagonists of the Cyborg 009 franchise. They were originally normal humans before they were kidnapped by the war profiteering Black Ghost organization and developed into the first nine models of their cyborg super-soldier line. However, they wind up rebelling against the Black Ghost's plans and escape, along with the ex-Black Ghost scientist Isaac Gilmore. Led by their most advanced model, Cyborg 009, the 00 Cyborgs fight against Black Ghost, and their attempts to not only kill them but provide warring nations with highly advanced weapons that would cause certain annihilation. Each of them possesses unique abilities, and a few of them are older than they look.



  • Ivan Whisky/Cyborg 001 - A baby who was born in Russia several years ago. He has psychic powers, such as telekinesis and telepathy. Despite his young appearance, he is incredibly smart, communicating, and thinking like a sophisticated adult.
  • Jet Link/Cyborg 002 - A young, rough New Yorker who was originally part of a gang. His feet contain jets which enable him to fly. His appearance is somewhat bird-like.
  • Francoise Arnoul/Cyborg 003 - A young woman from France who used to be a ballet dancer. Her special abilities are super sight and super hearing, making her the equivalent of a human radar. Her real name is Françoise Arnoul.
  • Albert Heinrich/Cyborg 004 - A young man from Germany who attempted to escape his country with his wife during WWII. However, during their attempt, they were caught in the crossfires of the war. His wife was killed and he himself also nearly died, before the Black Ghost found him. His abilities include a built in a gun that he hides in a skin-colored glove-like material over his right hand and a rocket launcher built into his leg.
  • Geronimo Jr./Cyborg 005 - A large, Native American man. He was built with superhuman strength.
  • Chang Changku/Cyborg 006 - A short, Chinese chef. He was built with the ability to breathe fire hot enough to melt almost any material.
  • Great Britain/Cyborg 007 - An actor who used to live in England. He possesses the ability to change form simply by pushing his belly button.
  • Pyunma/Cyborg 008 - A young man from Africa. His abilities enable him to function underwater a lot better than any human being, being able to both breathe underwater, and swim like a fish. He is also a combat professional, making him capable of fighting on land as well.
  • Joe Shimamura/Cyborg 009 - the latest 00 cyborg to join the team, and also the most perfected cyborg.