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1776 or Sev is the tetartagonist and was the last to assist Rudolph in the search for Happy, the baby New Year in the Christmas Special, Rudolph's Shiny New Year. He is a spitting image of Benjamin Franklin. After being freed from Aeon's clutches, Happy landed on the island of 1776 on December 30th. Sev found him and welcomed him as a friend which pleases him. Sev invites him to the island's 4th of July parade. When asked to remove his hat, Happy does so and Sev and several others laugh and Happy runs away again. Sev brought back Rudolph and the others to his house to apologize what happened and offered to be of service. Aeon stole Happy and flew off to his island.

Rudolph and the others arrived at Aeon's island shortly before New Year's and Aeon captured them and trapped them in snowballs. Aeon then redeemed himself and freed Sev and the others from their snowballs. Santa Claus arrived and brought everyone back to Father Time's castle. Sev celebrated New Year's and likely returned to his island.


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