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They've been hiding here: lost in the past... looking for answers.
~ 7 explaining about 3 & 4.

3 & 4 are two of the supporting characters of the 2009 animated feature 9.


2005 short

3 and 4 are twin Stitchpunks created in the garden gloves. Both of them always wear dark blue hoods over their faces and have light blue bodies with dark brown and beige stripes. Their respective numbers are inked onto their chests instead of their backs - 3's is on the right side of their chest while 4's is on the left. However, they appear to be asexual. Unlike in the 2009 film, they do not survive.

2009 film

3 & 4 are twins, and the historians of the group. They are unable to speak, instead using flickering lights in their eyes to communicate with each other and 4 can project images from his/her eyes for the other members of the group. It is unknown what their genders are, but they are possibly female. Director Shane Acker has said that he 'leaves it to the fanbase to choose their gender'. They instinctively run and hide at the sight of danger. Both wear hoods because they are made of garden gloves and have a cape-like empty thumb hanging from their backs. They are both very scholarly, voraciously cataloging everything they can see and find, recording and building a massive database of the world that surrounds them and the history that led up to their creation. They are very playful and intelligent. After the Scientist created them, they playfully romped around his workshop and read all of his books. They treat 7 as an elder sister and a protector. They are both somewhat smaller than the others, with the exception of 6, and can only be told apart by their numbers. They, along with 9 and 7, are the survivors of the film.