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5 is one of the supporting characters of the 2009 animated feature 9.

He is voiced by John C. Reilly who would later voice Wreck-It Ralph.

5 is the Healer part of the Scientist's personality. He takes the parts that he has and makes them work together. Most often this means that he fixes the injuries that the other creations have gotten while fighting the Machine and its minions. 5 is also caring, nurturing, and the loyal, big-hearted "common man" who always tries to play the peacemaker. He is a diligent worker, a meek spirit, and a devoted friend to his people. He becomes 9’s best friend and they share a strong bond with one another. He is missing his left eye, which he lost during the War of the Machines, instead wearing a leather plate, but says having only one eye is actually useful to him because it allows him to focus on one thing at a time. His weapon is a crossbow along with knives, needles, grappling hooks and other weapons which he stores in his quiver. The Scientist remarked that 5 was the first of his creations not to run off or explore the workshop; 5 was very trusting of the Scientist. He has two buttons on his front to fasten his skin. 5 is the third to die. He is one of the characters from the original short.