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5 is one of the supporting characters of the 2009 animated feature 9.

He is voiced by John C. Reilly, who would later voice Wreck-It Ralph.



In a flashback segment; as 9 is inspecting an old magnifying glass, an older but one-eyed 5 finds a dusty lamp while using a cane to help him walk. Upon getting 9's attention, 5 inspects the light bulb that was still intact in the lamp and instructs 9 to assist him in yanking it out, which they both accomplish. Upon handing 9 the light bulb, 5 takes a piece of red wire and a small battery out of his burlap skin. He connects the light bulb with the wire to the battery to make the light bulb activate, surprising 9 and bringing himself joy. He then gives the items to 9 to keep safe.

As the Cat Beast is approaching from afar, 5's remaining eye briefly glows green. When this happens, 5 immediately takes out a Mirrored Talisman, which happens to glow green as well, warning both him and 9 that danger is close. 5 immediately hands 9 The Talisman and pushes him away, prompting 9 to run and hide. Taking out a homemade folding spear from inside of his belly and extending it, 5 readies himself for combat. The Cat Beast comes up from behind and grabs him using one of its metal sharp hands, and knocks him unconscious. He soon manages to come back to his senses, but at the wrong time, as the Cat Beast opens its own talisman and faces towards 5's face. Though 5 struggles, he is unable to free himself and his soul is sucked into the talisman by the mouth, leaving him a lifeless rag doll in front of 9's eyes.

Later, when 9 leads the Cat Beast into the main trap, 5's numbered skin can be seen on The Beast's back before it is killed. When 9 puts both the Cat Beast's Talisman and the Mirrored Talisman together, it opens up to free the slain victims of The Cat Beast. As 9 notices the soul of 5 coming out from The Talisman, before disappearing into his numbered skin, the soul of 5 turns around to look at 9 and nods to him in approval.


According to the Scientist's Facebook, 5 awakened on Monday, August 24th. His initial design blueprint shows 5 having two eyes. Upon waking up, 5 did not struggle or jump out like the previous stitchpunks had. He just sat in the Scientist's hand, allowing him to be gently put down onto the table. He sat there contentedly, waiting for guidance. The Scientist describes him as his purest creation to date.

Physical Appearance


In the 2005 short film, 5 has a patch made of molded comb that covers the top left part of his face where his eye once was. It is made of a lighter burlap than 9 but his left foot is made of a 1 in material. He also has a metal line tied with wire on his left foot and a rusty hook near his right leg. 5 in the short film like 9 does not speak.


Similar to his 2005 short's design, 5 has one eye and two buttons going down his front. The buttons give the impression of a buttoned shirt, like a worker's uniform. 5 carries a "backpack" made of a tarot card and a thimble, containing his map and all sorts of bobs and bits for traveling convenience. His weapon is a miniature crossbow-like invention (made of springs and scrap metal with needles as ammunition), and additionally a sort of grappling system (using fishing hooks and string), all of them presumably made by himself. He uses a map of the area around The Sanctuary.

5 used to have two eyes, but lost his eye during the war after a gas bomb landed behind him, causing him to tumble uncontrollably and impact the ground with his left eye.


5 is the Healer part of the Scientist's personality. He takes the parts that he has and makes them work together. Most often this means that he fixes the injuries that the other creations have gotten while fighting the Machine and its minions. 5 is also caring, nurturing, and the loyal, big-hearted "common man" who always tries to play the peacemaker. He is a diligent worker, a meek spirit, and a devoted friend to his people. He becomes 9’s best friend and they share a strong bond with one another. He is missing his left eye, which he lost during the War of the Machines, instead wearing a leather plate, but says having only one eye is actually useful to him because it allows him to focus on one thing at a time. His weapon is a crossbow along with knives, needles, grappling hooks and other weapons which he stores in his quiver. The Scientist remarked that 5 was the first of his creations not to run off or explore the workshop; 5 was very trusting of the Scientist. He has two buttons on his front to fasten his skin. 5 is the third to die. He is one of the characters from the original short.


1- 5 is at first shown to fear him, but still shows respect and obeys his orders.

2- 5 is shown to share a special bond with 2, due to being his apprentice.

9 - 5 is shown to be very close to 9.

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  • In the Russian adaptation. 5 represents a doctor.
  • 5's concept art for the original short film had a zipper instead of his buttons.
  • The fabric that covered his eye socket is most likely leather, as it is an eye patch to cover his eye socket.
  • His backpack or quiver is made of a tarot card and thimble, fastened together with string or wire woven through a button.
  • The commentary alludes to 5 as the mother of the group.