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6 is one of the supporting characters of the 2009 animated feature 9.

6 is the artistic portion of the Scientist's personality. He sees things that the others in the group don't see. 6's fingers are made of ink pen nibs, which he uses to draw. He is white, covered in faded black stripes; his hair is made of yarn and is ink-stained, like much of his body. His right eye is larger than his left, and he wears a key around his neck, which he protects with his life, but no one knows what it truly unlocks (although the original suggestion is seen in the deleted scenes of the DVD). He is the shortest of the group. He repeatedly tells the group to "go back to the source", but the others don't understand him. 6 speaks in a confusing manner, so he is often ignored. He also acts somewhat like a child. 9 is the only one of the creations that believes in 6 and listens to what he says. 6 has prophetic visions of the past and future, channeling his visions through drawings to interpret them, which are accurate in predicting events and help solve mysteries that puzzle 9. The Scientist described him as being peculiar and unable to naturally fit in to his surroundings, judging from his expressive artwork that he sees the world differently from the other creations. He is the fourth to die. It is also suggested that he has been driven mad by the danger of the War of the Machines and the current danger of The Fabrication Machine.