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You wanna live? FIGHT!"
~ 7

7 is the deuteragonist of the 2009 animated feature 9. She is the Ninja type warrior part of the Scientist's personality.

She is voiced by Jennifer Connelly.

7 is (possibly) the only female creation. A rebel and a loner, she is willing to take many risks for the good of her people. She is kind and caring for others, and is very protective towards 3 and 4. Near the end of the film, 7 shows her vulnerability, most notably when she believes 9 is crushed to death. Her canvas skin’s color has been bleached away by the sun, leaving her skin moonstone-white; and she uses a blade mounted on a long staff for fighting. She wears a helmet made from a dead bird's skull as well as two bird feathers hanging down her back, covering up her briefly shown scar that covers her number. She was the first to reject 1's fearful teachings, and has spent the time leading up to the film in the wilderness fighting the Cat Beast on her own. Her skin is fastened together by stitching and a green button on her chest.

Along with 9 and the twins, she is a survivor. As a hardened warrior, she hasn't let anyone into her heart for a long time, but she is gradually softened towards 9, eventually becoming a close friend.

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