The Project 77 (or simply known as 7723) is the deutragonist in the 2018 animated Netflix film, Next Gen. He is a secret project created by Dr. Tanner Rice to recreate the concept of human emotions and memories, as well as to put a stop to Ares plans. He is the best friend of Mai Su.

He was voiced by John Krasinski.


7723 was secretly created by Dr. Rice, an old scientist who worked for Justin Pin. 7723 was accidentally activated by Mai, a teenage girl who stumbled upon Dr. Rices secret laboratory. During his initial interactions with Mai, he agrees to do anything she tells him to do but over time he starts to get tired of destroying things every day and tells Mai that they should start doing something else. Eventually 7723 has a hard time when he has to delete memories because if he doesn't he will run out of storage space (due to his memory storage unit being removed), but the more memories he collects the harder it is for him to chose what to forget. Later he decides to erase his weapon functionality instead of his memories because he realized that they were too important to be deleted. But then Justin finds them so 7723 has to fight off Ares (which at that moment was useless to try because 7723 didn't have weapons at the moment) and help Mai and her mother to escape. Ares then proceeds ti kidnap Mai's Mother and destroy their house 

Luckily 7723 and Mai manage to hide in the sewers and 7723 explains to Mai why he coudn't use his weapons. Mai gets angry and infiltrates IQ robotics but 7723 still follows her and fights off Ares, ending up being forced to reactivate his weapons at the cost of his memories being slowly and automaticaly being deleted. In the end 7723 defeats Ares and reboots to his initial mode


No one is Perfect.
~ 7723 talking to Ares during their battle
Initially 7723 had a simplistic artificial intelligence to a point of only saying certain phrases or repeating others. But over time he developed compassionate and pacifistic personality. He believes that violence never really solves anything and only fights when there is no other option (like when Ares tries to destroy him). 


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