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8 is one of the supporting characters of the 2009 animated feature 9.

8 is the brutish ruffian part of the Scientist's personality. He wields the one half of a scissor and a knife as his weapons. His number is found on his right arm. He is a master of his weapons, but is the least intelligent of the group. He is given to inebriation, as shown by his affinity for magnets that reduce his mental capacities. This is the assumed reason that he rarely speaks. He is the tallest of the group. The muscle and enforcer of the group, 8 was created to help the others physically survive the dangerous, post-apocalyptic world. 8 isn't very clever and is easily deceived. 8 is especially susceptible to 1's doctrines, so he becomes 1's personal weapon/bodyguard for the film. He is prone to harassing and intimidating the others, especially 6 as shown in the Deleted Scenes, but is also protective of them (such as defending 9 from the Winged Beast's harpoon when it shoots at 7). 8 is the second to die after falling into a trap set up by the Seamstress using the lifeless corpse of 2.

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