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80-HD is one of the tritagonists in the Dog Man comic book series.


80-HD is a robot built by Petey to be evil, but he decided to be good. Petey put missiles in him and Lil' Petey took them out and replaced him with solar panels.


80-HD is a ball-shaped robot with a white lid, an orange bottom, and arms and legs resembling Petey's and Lil' Petey's arms and legs wearing flip-flops.


Lil' Petey

80-HD has a good relationship with Lil' Petey as he was created for him. He lives with Dog Man and the latter on weekends and his father Monday through Friday.

Dog Man

80-HD is friends with Dog Man and lives with him. He was his mentor on focusing as Dog Man gets distracted easily on the job.


  • 80-HD's name is a straight pun for ADHD, a disorder Dav Pilkey had.
  • 80-HD was originally intended to be evil, but Lil' Petey took out his missiles.
  • Someone can slip into 80-HD and take control of him.
  • He was originally programmed to obey Lil' Petey, but he was then reprogrammed to do whatever he wanted.
  • Strangely, one can type something to reprogram 80-HD without having to do a lot of coding.
  • 80-HD is possibly bigger on the inside like the Tardis from Doctor Who as he can carry the Supa Buddies' costumes, art supplies, a First Aid Kit and he also bears a tongue, which he uses to kiss like a dog does. He possibly got this trait from Dog Man as he has a habit of licking others.
  • Lil' Petey possibly replaced 80-HD's missiles with solar panels because solar panels are more eco-friendly.
  • Flippy once called 80-HD Robo-Cat, due to Li'l Petey being inside of the robot.