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This is our world now. It's what we make of it.
~ 9's ending narration
I started this, and now I need to finish it!
~ 9

9 is the titular main protagonist of the 2005 Oscar nominated animated short and the 2009 animated feature of the same name.

He is voiced by Elijah Wood, who also portrayed Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mumble in Happy Feet, Wirt in Over the Garden and Spyro in The Legend of Spyro trilogy.


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9 is the youngest of the group and represents the Scientist's humanity, good-heartedness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. He is very intelligent, but he can make mistakes due to his curiosity (he accidentally sucks out 2's soul and awakens the Fabrication Machine). He seeks the truth in the history of his creation, and wishes to know the meaning of life. He often clashes with the fearful leader of the creations, from their enemies. 9 is very selfless and has a strong heart, even attempting to sacrifice his life, so 7 could retrieve the Talisman from the Machine and save the souls. Along with 7 and the twins 3 and 4 , he is a survivor. 9 forms a strong, almost brother-like bond with the healer of the group, 5. 9 has a zipper on his body to fasten his skin which was open when he was created but was closed later in the film. Unlike the others, the Scientist didn't remark anything about 9 because he died right after creating him.


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