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Rebecca Lee, better known as Revy or Two Hands, is the main female protagonist of the manga/anime series Black Lagoon. She is the main gunfighter of the Lagoon Company and has been in the business the second longest after Dutch.

Revy is a troubled, confident, very competitive, sarcastic, battle hardened, battle hungry, loud, rude, deadly, easily-bored, extremely ill-tempered and ruthless cynic woman with a dark sense of humor. Unlike Rock, she is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. Surprisingly, she's revealed to be highly ticklish by Sawyer. Of all the characters in the series, Revy uses the most foul language and is also a heavy smoker and drinker. She is a merciless and sadistic killer, without a conscience, who will be more than ready to kill anyone at the slightest provocation, even unarmed civilians. She takes maniacal glee in killing anyone she fights or just for fun. She also has very little remorse for her enemies and many times have often stepped on male enemies' crotches for fun to show them how weak they are. However, she looks at it as doing them a favour as she believes any man would love a sexy woman such as her to "abuse" them. Whilst appearing to be driven by general bloodlust, it is shown throughout the series that Revy subconsciously uses violence as a dysfunctional coping mechanism and outlet for her deeply repressed emotional and psychological issues. An example of this is, when becoming uneasy at accepting both Rock and Benny into the Lagoon company, Revy vents her trust issues by becoming particularly unpredictable during missions and getting what Dutch nicknames "Whitman Fever", going on indiscriminate shooting rampages and executing hostiles and innocent bystanders alike. It is only when Rock arrives and begins to confront her over her actions that she begins to develop some reluctant introspection, and seriously think about who she has become and who she really is.

Few details are known about Revy's past as what is gathered is from brief flashbacks from both the manga and the show. Revy was born as Rebecca Lee, a Chinese-American, in the poverty-stricken Chinatown district of New York City and raised by an abusive and alcoholic father.

While her status as a 'hero' is highly questionable, Revy has one definite heroic trait: loyalty. She is very loyal to and protective of the other Lagoon members, and makes it clear early in the series that she despises traitors, believing that 'nothing's worse than being treated like some whore by your companions'. Therefore, when she catches Chaka shoot two of his men in cold blood, she is disgusted, calling him 'despicable to the end'.

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