Arlo Jervis Williams aka AJ (born 1996) is a second grade student in Dan Gutman's 2004 onward novel series called My Weird School. He goes to a crazy school called Ella Mentry School. He is the narrator of all books except for Back to School, Weird Kids Rule, which is narrated by his arch nemesis, Andrea Young. He is friends with other students named Ryan Dole, Neil Crouch (aka Neil the Nude Kid), a Puerto Rican hipster girl named Alexia Juarez (who goes by AJ as well), Michael Robinson, and Billy.

Things he loves

  • Sports
  • Videogames
  • Junk food
  • Heavy metal and rock and roll
  • Motorcycles
  • Animals such as wolves, foxes, dogs, snakes, cats, owls, ravens, bats, dragons, etc.

Things he hates

  • School
  • Healthy food
  • Everything Andrea likes
  • Just about everything else
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