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AJ Lee is the secondary protagonist of Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery, she joins forces with the Mystery Inc to defeat Cookie who has framed Scooby-Doo for stealing the title belt.

She is voiced by AJ Lee.


AJ is a muscular, but slender young woman with black eyes, and long brown hair.

She  wears her ring attire which consists of a green sports bra and shorts, black boots and taped hands.


AJ Lee decides to join forces with Mystery Inc in order to save Wrestlemania from Cookie (disguised as a Ghost Bear), AJ Lee discoverd that Cookie threatens Wrestlemania show, she decides to defeat Cookie and succeeds with the help of Mystery Inc and Kane, as Cookie was arrested for stealing the title belt into using Scooby as a pawn, AJ Lee decides to live with his friends, even an redeemed Kane.



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