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My regards, Commander. I am AK-15, active tactical doll, please deliver your orders to me more efficiently.
~ AK-15.

AK-15, also known as 15 in short is the major heroine in the Girls' Frontline video game. She was the member of DEFY as she makes her first appearance in Polarized Light as one of the supporting protagonists.

She was voiced by Kaida Yuuko, who also voiced as Matsu in Sengoku Basara, Claire Redfield in Resident Evil, Hildegard von Krone in Soul Calibur, Poison Ivy in Batman: Arkham Knight and Sae Niijima in Persona 5.


AK-15 was created by Shaw alongside her teammates before she became the member of DEFY.

Polarized Light

AK-15 makes her first appearance in the story where she appears in Paldiski along with the other DEFY members.

Dual Randomness

Mirror Stage


AK-15 is the Doll who appeared to be vicious and aggressive as she was always serious especially in the missions and prioritizes efficiency in her words and deeds. When angered, her wrath was frightening as she went into the berserk state and attacked anyone who provoked her.

However, she was loyal to Angelia and her teammates as well as their allies and would do anything to protect Angie from her enemies.

Powers & Abilities

Ak-15 was the strongest Doll in the Soviet Union as her raw strength was more powerful than a T-Doll's upgraded digimind.