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Stop interrupting my naps. I need to rest my processors so I don't end up looking like a certain disheveled old scientist, whom we all know.
~ AL

AL is the deuteragonist of Dr. Muto. He is a smart-alack computer who guides Muto through many planets and gives helpful advice with his missions.


AL is Dr. Muto's self-aware computer and guide, created by Dr. Muto himself. AL requires isotopes to power up the Genitor 9000. AL has direct access to Burnital's mainframe, allowing him to appear on special map screens located at the beginning of every stage.

AL will give hints to Dr. Muto, informing him of nearby terra, as well as giving background information on the current stage. AL will also occasionally give Dr. Muto challenges to acquire a piece of terra, strangely awarded from AL himself.

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