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ALF is a character of the Light Fantasy.


Descendants of a is boy hero of legend. To the fierce onslaught country and negotiation of darkness to continue, princess Levina of the light of the country to ignore the king of instruction and to the country of darkness, will go out only one person. But Levina is not coming at all back, news is had been cut off. King saw heavy the situation, ordered towards the darkness of the country to the boy, "ALF", which is a descendant of the brave, yet childhood friend of Levina. But ... The ALF one, there was a big problem. It was a wimp .... As the story progresses, it continues to grow, reborn into a hero of legend. After the final battle of the magic dragon, to return to the country of light, married to Levina, source of justice and courage, have continued to fight for those who suffer around the world. Then after a hundred years, get to eternal sleep extinct breath along with the Levina.