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Artificial Relict to Keep Species or simply ARKS is an intergalactic military and exploratory force of Oracle Colony Fleet. A massive fleet set on an interstellar voyage with their sphere of activity spanning across multiple galaxies. They serve a major role and first appeared in Phantasy Star Online 2, and made additional appearances in Phantasy Star Online 2es and Phantasy Star Nova.


ARKS was created and established by an ancient race known as Photoners, following the war with the Profound Darkness that has left the remainder of its race crippled and stripped of its ability to wield Photons. Realizing that they needed to create beings capable of wielding photons to succeed them. This would result in the formations of ARKS, a military organization created as both the means of protecting Oracle and eradicating Darkness in their place.

To this end, the Photoners created the Humans, a balanced race with a high aptitude for Photon control, thus making them the basis for all other races and to serve as the initial foundation of ARKS. Following this, other races based off the humans were also created to fulfill specific niches, as well as to cover for the other races' shortcomings.

These include:

  • Newmans - photon manipulators, a race with powerful photon reception in exchange for physical weakness.
  • CASTs - Sturdy mechanical beings, androids with powerful bodies capable of inhibiting and controlling photons.
  • Deumans - martial masters - a race with the capability of manipulating photons in their bodies.

1st Generation ARKS

In its initial stages, the battle ability of ARKS was very weak. Due to poor knowledge and understanding of how Photons resonated with beings, the aptitude of initial ARKS suffered from massive variations in strength, from the completely inept to potential far too powerful for their bodies to contain, forcing them to be converted into CASTs. The ARKS from this era came to be known as 1st Generation ARKS. Very few ARKS from this era survive to the present day, the majority of the remnants being CASTs such as Regius and Maria, the first two of the Council of Six.

War with the Elder

It was during the 1st Generation that ARKS have encountered a threat known as the Dark Falz Elder, a being of pure darkness that commanded the Falspawn and was born from the Profound Darkness. The war that ARKS waged against the Elder would later be known as the Elder War. Despite the odds stacked against them, ARKS managed to repel the Elder and sealed him by having his essence be contained within the planet Naverius, although they suffered massive casualties and resource losses. As a result, ARKS underwent a second organizational restructuring and the Trio of Heroes, a trio of ARKS with incredible strength and leadership who lead the charge against Elder, were inaugurated.

2nd Generation ARKS

As ARKS' began to a develop an understanding of Photon aptitude through their continued research, they were able to increase and control aptitude to a point where beings were able to fulfill niches that were called Classes with high consistency and power. However, aptitude was not developed enough as to allow ARKS to flexibly harness their capabilities, forcing ARKS into a single class. The ARKS from this era came to be known as 2nd Generation ARKS. Many ARKS from this era survive today, and are relatively young.

It was during this time that the Council of Six was formed which consisted of the Trio of Heroes as ARKS realized they needed a body to govern majority of aspects pertaining to how the organization runs. The Council is a group of six highly talented, powerful leaders and individuals that have leadership over several sections of ARKS,

3rd Generation ARKS

The current generation of ARKS, many ARKS operatives are able to freely utilize Photons in varying method and styles, giving birth to a process known as Class Change, due to major strides in Photon Aptitude research. The differences in capabilities between the different races has also leveled out to roughly on par with the Humans, making the differences between them virtually aesthetic. The majority of ARKS still specialize in certain areas, some members are more tuned to certain attributes and maybe more effective in certain classes, though they can still utilize classes they maybe less be less effective in.



  • Photoners (founding members)
  • Luther - One of the last remaining Photoners that continued to lead and manipulate ARKS in secret for decades (formerly)
  • Ulku - Admiral (Following restructuring in AP 239)
  • Theodor - Adjutant (Following restructuring in AP 239)

Council of Six

  • Regius - 1st
  • Maria - 2nd
  • Casra II - 3rd
  • Zeno - 4th
  • Klariskrays III - 5th
  • Huey - 6th

Previous and former Council of Six members

  • Klariskrays I (Alma) - 5th, Died from Luther's experiments in an attempt to copy her magical ability to manipulate time.
  • Klariskrays II (Matoi) - 5th, Vanished, though resurfaced 10 years with her memories being wiped due to photonic purification
  • Atossa - 4th, killed by Dark Falz Apprentice
  • Wolf - 6th, killed by Dark Falz Apprentice
  • Casra I - Died

Reorganization in AP 239

Combat Bureau

  • Huey - Commander
  • Klariskrays III - Lieutenant
  • Risa
  • Fourie
  • Io
  • Pati
  • Tia
  • Lavere
  • Stratos
  • Azanami
  • Hans

General Affairs Bureau

  • Maria - Commander
  • Sarah - Lieutenant
  • Jan
  • Afin
  • Euclyta
  • Reda
  • Melrandia
  • Wright
  • Aki

Training Bureau

  • Regius - Commander
  • Zeno - Lieutenant
  • Echo
  • Oza
  • Marlu
  • Saga
  • Katori
  • Barbara
  • Joseph
  • Rubert
  • Lottie

Intelligence Bureau

  • Casra II - Commander
  • Lieutenant - Quna
  • Aika
  • Chroto


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