A NostAlgic
A is the protagonist of NostAlgic. Although A seems to be of ambiguous gender with the profile picture completely obscuring his/her features, one of the effects give A a more feminine-look.

Yet it is possible that if A is linked with Allan, then A is in fact a boy, though Allen does not exist in the newest update of NostAlgic. A is a presumed hikikomori who consequently refuses to leave his/her room. A's gender is debated, though there is an effect that gives him/her a feminine side-ponytail with a green ribbon. A's item screen includes the word "boku", the informal japanese way for a male to refer to himself.

A's bedroom is a small, cozy space with blue walls and a picture of a house on a hill. There is a blue bed towards the bottom of the room, which can be interacted with to access the dream world, and a single desk with a notebook on it, where the player can save. Next to the desk is a light switch that can be turned on and off. The door to the right, presumably leading to the rest of the house, cannot be accessed, but the door to the top leads out to a wide balcony looking out on a sunny day -- a contrast to the gloomier balconies in both Yume Nikki and some of its better-known sequels, such as .flow.


A has shoulder-length blond hair that covers his eyes, a light blue-green long sleeved shirt with a red "A" in the middle, blue pants and brown shoes.


A is not very aggressive, unlike most dreamers, and his dreams are rather light and calming. He seems to have a very childish side, and seems to have been mothered a lot.


From his dreams and the ending of NostAlgic, A most likely was very close to his mother, and was loved by her, and he loved her in return. He doesn't seem to have any sort of spite toward his mother, but rather fear, and even so he still seems to love her very much.

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