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Start from the edges!! Hit them from the outside first! Send those Zhao bastards to meet their ancestors!! Our selfish little young lord just up and decided to make this spot the most important clash of the second day!! But he's still going to be next head of the family, so now's our chance to show him what we can do and make a good impression, lads!!
~ A Ka Kin to his men.
~ One of A Ka Kin's signature laughter!
Young Lord! This hunting ground and its glory is all yours for the taking! I, A Ka Kin shall handle these 1000 cavalry who would dare to interfere with you! So use that chance to deal the Zhao a crippling blow and reap the honor that comes with it! Do that and I'm sure even your father will start smiling under that mask of his! Gyagyagyah! I simply ask thay you remember this debut, and when the tim comes for you to take the helm, that you repay me or my children tenfold!
~ A Ka Kin to Ou Hon

A Ka Kin is a supporting character in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is a 3000-man commander within the Gyoku Hou Army of the State of Qin during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.



His personality has earned him the eternal rank of 1000-Man commander. Though, if I am to be honest, He's probably the number one wasted potential in the A Kou Army.
~ Kan Jou to Ou Hon on A Ka Kin's personality and abilities.

A Ka Kin is often seen smiling at all times no matter what he faces. Even in supremely dangerous situations he still holds a grin like when he faced the monstrous duo of Ba Nan Ji and Gyou'Un while rescunig A Kou from their combo attack.


Passed around the Ou Sen Army due to his difficult personality, A Ka Kin...

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