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Hero Overview

A Kou is a recurring supporting character in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is a General for the State of Qin and the leader of the A Kou Army of the Ou Sen Army during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.


A Kou is a tall and large man with a warrior's build, being one of the tallest in the Ou Sen Army besides Ou Sen himself, Ma Kou, Sou'ou, and Shi Ryuu. He has long jet black hair and an equally long goatee underneath his chin and his face always shown to have a fierce and intense scowl expression with long eyebrows that branch upwards in a pointed shaped. He also has a scar on his left cheek. When on the battlefield, A Kou wears the standard gray armor of a Qin general with a helmet decorated as a member of the Ou Sen Army's upper ranks of commanders with a red cape.


A Kou is a serious man that rarely displays any emotions. As stated by Kan Jou He is well known for his straightforward and honest man.


Possibly since the waning days of the reign of Sho, the 28th king of the state of Qin, A Kou has served Ou Sen for many years as he is one of the oldest living generals within the Ou Sen Army.

Powers and Abilities

First amongst Ou Sen's Commanders...A Kou.
~ Ou Hon

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style



  • Despite fans believing it, Ma Kou and A Kou are not brothers. Due to their first names being the same (Kou), rather than their surnames (Ma and A), as the series uses surnames first (for ex. Mou Ten and Mou Bu).
  • There's a possibility that A Kou and A Ka Kin are related to each other as the two share a surname and a seemingly casual relationship.



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