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"My name is Aaron Livesy. And I am here because when I was younger..... my dad, repeatedly raped me!!".
~ Aaron Livesy giving his statement to the police as he reveals that his own father, Gordon, had sexually abused him to the point of repeatedly raping him as a child.

Aaron Livesy is a fictional character and one of the central protagonists of the British soap opera Emmerdale.

He first debuted in 2003 and appeared as a minor character in both 2004 and 2006 before taking on a regular role as an anti-heroic protagonist from 2008 to 2012. After his absence throughout 2013, Aaron returned in 2014 and currently serves as one of the show's central protagonists since then onwards.

He is portrayed by Danny Miller.


Aaron Livesy is the son of Chas Dingle and Gordon Livesy, as well as the older brother of Liv Flattery.

His first stint of major storylines have included being involved with the criminal McFarlane family, coming to terms with his own sexuality, developing a close friendship and surrogate brotherhood with his best-friend Adam Barton, having a romantic companionship with Jackson Walsh, coming to terms with Jackson's suicide, and leaving the village with his new partner Ed Roberts after getting himself accused of arson that Adam started in his campaign against Aaron's hardman uncle Cain Dingle.

In his second and arguably most developed stint, Aaron's return saw him helping Adam in his involved heist with Adam's half-brother Ross Barton and policewoman Donna Windsor that culminated with Donna's death. The character's most notable storyline since then has been his relationship with Robert Sugden, in a story arc dubbed as "Roborn". The events of the Roborn arc included Aaron's affair with Robert whilst the latter was married to Chrissie White, covering up Robert's murder of his ex-girlfriend Katie Sugden, being a suspect in Robert's shooting and getting arrested for the crime, getting sent to prison for GBH, breaking up with Robert before marrying him twice, playing a part in raising Robert's son following the latter's one-night stand with Chrissie's sister Rebecca White, coping with Robert's imprisonment for the death of his sister's rapist Lee Pensor, and moving on in the aftermath of Robert's imprisonment.

During the course of the Roborn saga, Aaron's most influential storyline emerged in 2016 when it was revealed that he had been raped and sexually abused by his own father Gordon as a child. The events of this storyline disclosed the extent of Aaron's wayward behavior from the past along with other aspects, such as his self-harming and reuniting with his half-sister Liv before going on to become her legal guardian.


  • Danny Miller has received universal acclaim for his performance as Aaron Livesy to the point where he won numerous awards for his contribution to both the character's acting and highly-profiled storylines, most notably with his 2016 child abuse ordeal and the long-running Roborn arc surrounding his relationship with Robert Sugden.