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That book was made by some stupid girls that make up rumours because they're bored with their own lame lives.
~ Aaron Samuels about who wrote the Burn Book.

Aaron Samuels is a major character in the 2004 teen comedy film Mean Girls. He is one of the hottest, most popular guys in North Shore High School and a senior on the football and soccer teams. He is also the love interest of Cady Heron and Regina George.

He is portrayed by Jonathan Bennett.

Mean Girls

He sits in front of Cady Heron in Ms. Norbury's calculus class. He develops a liking to her and invites her to a Halloween party.

Cady gets overwhelmed and answers to him "Grool!" However, Regina George, his ex-girlfriend, finds out about Cady's crush on Aaron, quickly seduces Aaron at the party and wins him back.

Aaron breaks up with Regina after Cady tells him during math tutoring that she has been cheating on him with Shane Oman.

Although Aaron breaks up with Regina, he doesn't ask Cady out because he realizes that she has become a second Regina.

During Spring Fling, after Cady breaks the plastic Spring Fling crown and distributes pieces to everyone, he dances with her and they begin dating.

At the end, Cady tells us that he was at Northwestern University and they still keep in touch and are dating.