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Abbot Song is one of the followers of the player character in Jade Empire. Abbot Song was a Spirit Monk and head of the Spirit Monk order at Dirge. He had a close relationship with his mistress, the Water Dragon. As the head Spirit Monk the safety of the Temple of Dirge, the fountains of Dirge and the physical body of the Water Dragon were his responsibility


Abbot Song will defend you with a wonderful polearm that is dual-sided with blades. This makes him extremely deadly during battle as the ultimate in polearm combat. His attacks are moderate in speed, but man, does he pack a punch. While his strength is not outstanding, he is a well-rounded fighter, nonetheless. He replaces Zu on the list of strongest polearm fighters. As Sun Hai and his brothers ascended the stairs to the temple, Abbot Song went to meet them in combat giving time for a guardian Spirit Monk to escape with a baby - the Player. Sun Kin attacked him first and while distracted, Sun Li cut the abbot down from behind.

Abbot Song encountered the ghost of the Player on his bridge. He recognized the now adult Player as the baby whom he had once tried to save. Abbot Song explained the true events of Dirge to the Player and then swore as the leader of the Spirit Monks in life to aid the Player until the fountains of Dirge were restored. After assisting the Player with the restoration of the fountains, Abbot Song was reunited with the Water Dragon. She separated him from the Player, telling him that he now had the courage to free his fellow Spirit Monks from their cursed existence by leading them to victory. Abbot Song joined the battle while the Player continued on into the temple to cleanse its taint. Once the evil in the temple was defeated and the Water Dragon was able to re-enter her temple, the ghost of Abbot Song and the other Spirit Monks were freed.

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