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Abby Hatcher is the eponymous main protagonist of the series with the same name. She and her family that just moved into an old, mysterious hotel apparment filled with mysterious, yet fuzzy creatures called Fuzzlies.

She is voiced by Macy Drouin.


Abby is a spirited, happy 7-year-old girl who loves to help and befriend every Fuzzly around her along with her friend and sidekick Bozzly with fuzzly-helping gadgets at her disposal.


Gadgetry she has used include:

  • Head-hugging helmet
  • Goo-gripper gloves
  • Bomber blimp jacket (mistakenly described in captions as "former blimp jacket", this is a reference to bomber jackets and bomber blimps aka zeppelins, it inflates)
  • Zoomer-view specs, built into her pink glasses
  • Her fuzzly spotter, a purple and orange wristwatch on her left wrist
  • Her shoes (bluish-purple sneakers) contain two hidden functions:
    • Pogo-spring shoes, which let her jump high
    • Super-sticky shoes, alliterative like goo-gripper gloves which perform the same function, she uses them in "Fairy Tale Fuzzly" to climb a wall quadrupedally.

Physical Appearance

Abby is a girl with light pinkish-white skin, light jade-green eyes and purple hair in a high ponytail.

The shorts Abby wears underneath her skirt are normally not seen, but are partially visible when she sits on a bed. This is a sensible fashion choice for someone who regularly rides a bicycle, as Abby does.

She wears:

  • a black shirt with a pink heart
  • a pink skirt
  • a pink bow tying her hair back into a ponytail atop her head
  • red & orange striped socks
  • purple high top sneakers with a pink heart on both shoes
  • large pink glasses


  • "Spizzacular!"
  • "Brain Spark!"
  • "The Fuzzly Spotter!"
  • "Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!"
  • "Ready, Bozzly?"
  • "Then let's ride!"
  • "(Gadget), activate!"
  • "Fuzzblat!"


  • "Give me something huge, Harriet!" - Peeper Time Blues


  • In the promotional interstitials on Nick Jr., Abby was voiced by Sofie Zamchick, better known for her role of Linny on The Wonder Pets.
  • Abby is sometimes drawn with lower lashes and other times she is not.
  • Abby is the second protagonist in a Nick Jr. show with a Chinese background after Kai-Lan on Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.
  • For the first few produced episodes, Abby had lower lashes; in later episodes, she does not.



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