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Abby Park is one of three tritagonists of Pixar's 25th full-length animated feature film Turning Red. She is one of Mei Lee's best friends alongside Miriam Mendelsohn and Priya Mangal.

She is voiced by Hyein Park.


She is a loud girl who gets angry easily but she has a good heart and is always ready to support her friends. Of the three, she is the one who appreciates Mei the most in her panda form, excitedly calling her fluffy.


Abby is first introduced by Mei as she was yelling at other students for not throwing a paper in the trash. Like her friends, she adores Devon and even remarks that her mother cut the teenager's hair. Days later, Abby, Priya and Miriam defend Mei who is mocked by school bully Tyler who stuck Mei's drawings on all the school lockers.

In the afternoon, Abby and her two other friends go to see Mei at her house and discover by accident that she has transformed into a huge red panda. Although horrified at first, Abby goes completely crazy and rubs against Mei's hair while Priya plays with her tail. As Mei begins to cry about what's happening to her, Abby beatboxes while Miriam sings 4*Town's "Nobody Like U". The three then comfort Mei by saying that they will always love her, panda or no panda. When Abby punches Mei in the face and she doesn't turn into a panda, she realizes that it's her friends who are helping her control her emotions, which disappoints Abby. The next day, Mei and her friends think about how to get money to go to the 4*Town concert and Abby wants Mei to transform into a panda to help her think. This leads two girls to notice Mei as a panda, and the latter has the idea with her friends to raise money by entertaining the students thanks to her panda.

One evening, Abby, her friends and the whole class go to Tyler's birthday party who wanted Mei to animate with her panda. After waiting, Mei shows up and at first reluctant to use her panda, ends up disobeying to please her friends and Tyler. Later during the party, Mei points out to Abby that she got the date of the 4*Town concert wrong and that it's actually May 18 in Toledo. This news greatly annoys Abby who tears the paper to pieces and comments on what Toledo is all about. Nothing gets better when Tyler argues with Mei who attacks him only to be stopped by the arrival of Ming, her mother. After being scolded by Tyler's parents, Ming goes to scold Mei's friends. Not wanting to disappoint her mother, Mei says nothing to defend them, which deeply hurts Abby, Miriam and Priya.

On May 25 for the concert, Abby, Miriam and Priya finally decided to go without Mei, although they were sad about it. However, Mei joins them instead of going through the ritual and she is forgiven by her friends. It is then that at the very beginning of the concert, Ming as a gigantic panda enters and destroys the Sky Dome in search of Mei. During a mother-daughter confrontation, Mei knocks Ming out, and Wu and the aunts help put the giant panda back in the circle. With the help of Mei's friends and 4*Town, the ritual was able to take place and Mei decided to keep her panda.

By the end of the film, Ming finally tolerates Mei's friends (including Tyler now) and gives her more independence.


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