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Abe is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Oddworld video game series, created by Oddworld Inhabitants. Abe was introduced in the 1997 game Abe's Oddysee and his character has changed and developed throughout the subsequent games, Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee.



Abe was first seen in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and it's remake Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, where he was working late, looking at the food on multiple billboards that his people were making until he saw the label of New 'n' Tasty, he saw the Glukkons, mainly Mullet, planning to make a new product known as New 'n' Tasty, where his people were going to be eaten and so ran. Abe went to rescue most of the Modukuns in Rapture farms. he later escaped Rapture Farms by falling on to a train next to two caged Scrabs and later jumped to the Scrab huts. After leaving the Scrab huts, Abe found himself near a night-time area. Abe then leaped off a cliff to see a moon with the shape off his paw on its face. He then fell down with his head being cracked. A long face then revived him as so went to a Modukun village. Abe traversed the village while also learning new tricks as well...

In Oddworld Abe's Exodus, Abe and a bunch of Modukuns went to another factory to free more Modukuns. The others that went with Abe drank a brew that caused them to be ill, he saw a blind Modukun a bit later but accidentally caused him to fall. Abe ran from a flying Slig and went to save more of his people. Abe later found himself to destroy a part of the facility and found himself near a crypt of his people and so went through a few trials and later saw a trio of 'weirdos' that gave Abe a new tattoo and the ability to heal the ill Modukuns and so left to the Soul Storm Brewery.

After finding his way to the Soul Storm Brewery, Abe had had to look for three Glukkons to pass through the factory even more. While doing this, Abe rescued more of his people, Abe had to go through the Slig Barracks in hopes to control the Glukkon known as General Dripik so he could have access to reach the Vice President Glukkon. He then went to the Boneworkz to control Director Phleg, again to reach the Vice President Glukkon. Abe then went to look the last Glukkon while freeing more Modukuns and after reaching he took control of Vice President Aslik so that he could go fourther into Soul Storm Brewery. Abe later went through the factory, only to find out that Modukun bones wear not the only thing that the Glukkons wear using for their brew, as they wear also using Modukun tears as well, regardless of this, Abe went to rescue his people and met a Sharman that gave him a slight healing ability for those tortured Modukuns. Abe went deeper through the factory until he overheard the Glukkons speak about the boiler, giving Abe the idea to turn it off. Abe turned off the boiler and rescued two more Modukuns, giving him the ability to turn into his half-god form so he could escape. Depending on how many Modukuns that Abe has rescued Abe would have the usual treatment of being celebrated with the Modukuns opening a tea shop and were ready to save more of their people.

Abe also goes on a pair of adventures in Oddworld: Adventures and Oddworld: Adventures 2.

In Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, Abe and a few other Modukuns went to look for the last of the Gabbits known as Munch. Abe went through a jungle and near a part of a factory until one of them shoved Abe down a guezzer where he met Latamire Munch, where the two then went to free a bunch of Modukuns and Fuzzles, while fighting against a bunch of Sligs until Abe brought Munch to the Almighty Raisin. The Almighty Raisin later told the two to help a lazy Glukkon known as Lulu, as Abe possessed him to create Lulu Fund. Abe and Munch then went to Save more Modukuns and Fuzzles, with Abe also possessing some Glukkons to donate to Lulu Fund then destroying their minds.


  • Other characters in the Oddworld series often call Abe by the nickname "Stitch-Lips".
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