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Hero Overview

Abraham "Abe" Lincoln is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom Clone High. He attends Clone High High School. His true friends are Gandhi and Joan.

He was voiced by Will Forte.


Abe is a tall and skinny teenager. He has black eyes and brown hair. He wears a blue and white shirt, brown pants and two black shoes. He has a black beard.


Abe is shy and indecisive. He promises more than he can deliver and is clingy towards Cleo. He is easily swayed by others. He is insecure and also short-tempered at times. He is also caring sometimes. Abe is unaware of Joan's crush on him.


Abe is the cloneson of Abraham Lincoln.




Joan of Arc

Abe and Joan are good friends.


Gandhi is Abe's best friend. They are very close and sometimes finish each other's sentences.


Abe and JFK are rivals of Cleo's love.


Their relationship has had many ups and downs.



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