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Abed Nadir (portrayed by Danny Pudi) is a student at Greendale Community College and the main character of the TV series, Community. Abed had a difficult life growing up, due in part to his parents. His father is a Palestinian from Gaza and his mother Polish American, which was a source of cultural discord. Abed also has an undiagnosed psychological condition which makes it hard for him to understand people. His mother left his family when he was 6 years old and Abed assumed his father blamed him for it. This created distance between them and resulted in Abed alienating himself further by immersing himself in American pop-culture. His father allowed him to enroll at Greendale Community College primarily so he could take classes which would help him one day take over his dad's Falafel restaurant. Eventually he convinces his father to let him study Film making instead. After four years at school he graduated with a film degree but was unable to find work as a filmmaker besides doing a commercial for Jeff's law firm. After an unexpected reunion with his study group at Greendale, Abed decides to re-enroll in order to learn how to work better with people. He and his study group also join a special "Save Greendale Committee" tasked with improving the school.

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