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Hero Overview

Yes, sire. Princess Elice bade us protect you.
~ Abel to Marth

Abel is a supporting protagonist from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and their respective remakes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragaon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. In addition, another incarnation is a minor character in the Fire Emblem/Megami Tensei crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

In Japanese, Abel is voiced by Takuya Satō (who also voices Conrad) in games and Ryōtarō Okiayu in the Fire Emblem OVA. In English he is voiced by Mick Wingert (who also voices Jeorge, Jesse, Arden, and Inigo) in games and Kyle Sturdivant in the OVA.


Abel is a young man with short, dark green hair. He wears distinctive green armor with gold accents on its breastplate, shoulder pads, and thigh pads. In Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Abel has a pair of large buck teeth, but these disappear from Mystery of the Emblem onwards. As a Mirage, Abel is clad in full green armor with a neon blue breastplate. His helm has a wide back, eyeholes which reveal glowing green eyes, and distinctive metal "teeth". In place of a right hand, Mirage Cain has a massive green and blue lance. When afflicted with a curse, Mirage Cain's eyes turn red and all blue parts of his armor and spear turn black. He is also ensorcelled by purple energy chains with triangular links.


Much like the other Altean knights, Abel is loyal to both country and liege. Unlike his good friend and friendly rival Cain, Abel is more cool-headed and thoughtful in demeanor. Furthermore, unlike Cain, Abel's emotional attachments to people he loves supercedes his patriotism, which led him to retire from knighthood to marry the Whitewing Est, and more unfortunately betray Altea to save her life.


War of Shadows

At the dawn of the War of Shadows, much of Altea's army marched to battle with King Cornelius. Abel, however, stayed behind with several soldiers to protect Altea castle; this meager squadron was assisted by a squadron from the allied kingdom of Gra. However, Gra ultimately betrayed Altea to Dolhr, leading the squadron to secure Altea castle in the Empire's name as well. At the orders of Princess Elice, Abel and fellow knight Frey mobilized to help her younger brother, Prince Marth, escape unharmed; the three were accompanied by the tactician Malledus and the veteran knight Jagen. Leaving the castle, they encountered Abel's good friend Cain, who fought alongside King Cornelius. The king was slain, and entrusted Cain to deliver his final words to Marth. The group was cornered by Gra reinforcements, but Frey sacrificed himself by disguising himself as Marth and riding south, diverting the enemy's attention. The rest reached a boat prepared by the knight Draug and entered exile on the island of Talys.

Around two years later, Talys was assaulted by Galder pirates. Marth, Abel, and the rest of Marth's retinue thwarted the marauders with the help of Talys' Princess Caeda. After the island's successful defense, Talys' King Mostyn advises Marth, Abel, and the rest of Marth's band to take arms against Dolhr's dominion over Archanea. Abel helped Marth to liberate the kingdom of Aurelius, which was occupied by Dolhr's ally Macedon. Marth quickly bonded with Aurelius' Prince Hardin, and received the Fire Emblem from Princess Nyna of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, symbolizing him as the world's champion against Dolhr. Together, the three formed the Archanean League, with Marth as its commander.

Abel accompanied Marth through the Lefcandith Gauntlet on the way to free Nyna's kingdom. The gauntlet was filled with soldiers from Dolhr ally Grust, as well as an elite group of Macedonian knights called the Whitewinged Order, consisting of Princess Minerva and the sisters Palla, Catria, and Est. However, Minerva grew disgusted with the tactics of Grustian general Haremein, and the Order withdrew. Much later Catria met with the league in Pyrathi, explaining that Minerva only served Dolhr because her brother King Michalis allied with them, and held their youngest sister Maria hostage at Dolhr's Castle Deil. According to Catria, Minerva and the other Whitewings were willing to join the league if they rescued Maria. Abel, Marth, and the rest of the League agreed to Minerva's proposal, but while they succeeded in saving Maria and gaining Minerva as an ally, Dolhr suspected the Order's eventual betrayal and assigned the sisters to seperate missions.

After the League liberated Archanea from Dolhr, they marched upon the traitorous Gra. Dolhr provided Palla and Catria as reinforcements, much to the displeasure of Gra's king Jiol. Abel helped Marth avenge Altea by storming Gra Bastion and helping defeat Jiol, while Palla and Catria quickly rejoined Minerva. Much later, Marth, Abel, and the rest of the League journeyed to the Fane of Raman to recover the Lightsphere and Starsphere, whose potent magic could create a weapon capable of defeating Dolhr's Dark Pontifex, Gharnef. However, the Fane was located on the Chiasmir and accessible to the mainland via bridge; the league tried to cross it only to find it blocked by Grust's elite Sable Order of Knights. During the battle, Est reunited with the other Whitewings, having retrieved the sword Mercurius from Grust, who stole it from Archanea. As the League recovered the orbs and frees the Divine Dragon Tiki from Gharnef's brainwashing, Abel and Est slowly bonded. By the time Gharnef was defeated by the result of the orbs' magic, the Starlight tome, Abel and Est fell deeply in love. After the League stormed Dolhr Keep and Marth slew its Emperor, the Earth Dragon Medeus, both knights retired to be wed.

War of Heroes

In the years following the War of Shadows, Abel and Est lived happily, their joy only broken by Est's kidnapping at the hands of the Zofian pirate king Grieth. However, her sisters and an army led by the cleric Celica successfully rescued her, and she and Abel opened a shop together. When not helping Abel manage their store, Est helped train a new generation of knights to serve Prince Marth. However, Abel and Est's peace would not last. Hardin, who had married Nyna and reconfigured the Holy Kingdom of Archanea into the Holy Empire of Archanea, was corrupted by the Darksphere secretly given to him by a resurrected Gharnef. Plotting to destroy his former friend Marth, Hardin sent him a letter requesting his assistance suppressing an uprising in Grust. With Marth and his best soldiers away from Altea, Hardin merely waited for Marth to defy Grust's occupying leader, the treacherous General Lang, which would justify war. Once this came to pass, the Archanean Empire invaded Altea. Est was captured and imprisoned, forcing a horrified Abel to join them in exchange for her safety. For most of the War of Heroes, Abel reluctantly assisted with the Archanean occupation of Altea. In the interim, Marth's army defeated Lang, found that Hardin's Darksphere rendered him invincible, and reclaimed the Lightsphere, which could counteract the Darksphere's effects. Returning to Altea, Marth' army freed Est before encountering Abel. Overjoyed that his beloved was freed, Abel instantly defected back to Marth's side and helped him reclaim their homeland.

Abel continued with Marth to Archanea, helping him defeat Hardin once and for all. He then journeyed with Marth to the Dragon's Table, where he assisted with the defeat of and a resurrected Medeus, bringing the War of Heroes to a close. Unfortunately, Est soon disappeared, having been badly shaken by her two kidnappings and believing Abel would be better off without her. Abel departed to search for her; what became of the two is unknown.

Other Media

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Much like his Archanean counterpart, Mirage Abel is both a good friend and rival to Cain. However, Abel was afflicted with a curse that amplified his rivalry to the point of jealousy. Determined to fight Cain, Abel kidnapped a child named Riku Suzomoto, took him to the top of the Idolsphere Illusory 106, and tried to drain the boy of his Performa. Cain and his Mirage Master Touma Akagi battled and defeated Mirage Abel, purifying him of his curse. Touma and Cain offered Abel a chance to join Performa and aid them in their quest to prevent the completion of the Opera of Darkness, but Abel chose to make amends with Riku by becoming his Mirage Partner instead.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Abel is a playable character who was available to summon on the game's official launch. His appearance is based on his design from New Mystery of the Emblem.

Fire Emblem OVA

Abel is a supporting character in the two episodes of the Fire Emblem OVA, which adapts the first three chapters and some backstory of Mystery of the Emblem. Abel's role is much the same as the relevant chapters of Mystery of the Emblem, serving as a knight loyal to Altea and Prince Marth (though as the English dub of the OVA long predated any other translation of Fire Emblem media, Altea was translated as Aritia while Marth was dubbed as Mars), as well as a good friend to Cain.


Yeah. I was particularly close to Cain. We were friends and rivals who endeavored to surpass each other.
~ Abel to Kris
I wasn't discontent or anything. However, I had this dream of opening a shop in Altea. To live a quiet life with my wife, while running a small shop... I longed for a simple life like that. Of course, part of me still wanted to serve as an Altean knight.
~ Abel explaining why he retired to Kris
Back when Est was taken hostage by the Archanean army... That time, I had to make a terrible choice. Est or Prince Marth? Which one should I choose? Both were precious to me...
~ Abel


  • Though not present in Fire Emblem Gaiden or its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Abel is mentioned in the latter game by Palla and Catria, who discuss his and Est's shop-keeping intentions before the latter was captured by Grieth.

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