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"Um... you're wet from the water, and... I can see through your clothes... I'd really appreciate it if you could put this on and help me calm myself down."
~ Abel Rotomaster offering his coat to a disguised Ticy Phenyl in "Freezing Pair Love Stories".

Abel Rotomaster is a minor male character in the anime and manga series Freezing. He's a second year student attending West Genetics. He is the Limiter partner of Pandora Ticy Phenyl, whom he also seems to have an unrequited crush on.


Abel's exact hair and eye color are unknown. But he has been shown to possess fair colored hair. During his appearances, he is seen wearing the Limiter's standard uniform.


In his few appearances, Abel has shown himself to be a loyal and resilient young man. When his partner Ticy was defeated by Isabella Lucas, Abel did not hesitate to rush to her side. Even grievously injured, Abel remained stubborn and refused to give in, only doing so under the threat of Ticy being harmed.

In Love Stories, Abel's personality is expanded upon. He is a bright and outgoing person who usually speaks his mind, which sometimes gets him into trouble.


  • Abel's name originates in the Bible. Abel was the son of Adam and Eve, and the younger brother of Cain who was killed by him due his jealousy over God favoring Abel's sacrifices.