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Heroine Overview

We need to remember why we're here! We've all been jumping through hoops for reasons we don't fully understand. [...] Point is, we do it. We keep moving. We keep fighting. It's what we do! Day in, day out. If you really need a reason why we do this, I'll give you one. We do it, because doing something - anything - is better than doing nothing.
~ Misty motivates Marlton, Sam, and Russman.

Abigail Briarton, nicknamed Misty, is a protagonist and playable character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "Zombies" game mode, and a selectable skin in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode.

She was voiced by Stephanie Lemelin, who also voiced Leni "Zero" Vogel in the same series, Eep Crood in The Croods tv series, and Corrin in the Fire Emblem series.


Not too much is know about her other than her growing up on a farm and then running as teenager. After she had left the farm she forgot her mother's face. Her mom then died due to an unknown cause. Her dad was killed by zombies. Later on a zombie outbreak had happened. She meets up with a man named Marlton Johnson. The two head to the town to make a last stand but are eventually saved by Samuel J. Stuhlinger and Russman the four fight off zombies and do a few tasks given by Dr. Ludwig Maxis and Dr. Edward Richtofen.

The are two tasks one for Richtofen and one For Maxis there both optional and are on other sides if the players do Richtofen's task then there on his side and are against Maxis. If players do Maxis' tasks the'll be on his side and against Richtofen. The four head to China and do one of the tasks. The head to Africa and locate a old buried wild west town.

Their fate is optional. If the the player completes Richtofen's task Richtofen's soul will be in Stuhlinger's body and Stuhlinger will be set to the ather. Then Maxis will be removed from existences. If the players complete Maxis's tasks Maxis will be sent to the aether and will control the zombies. Richtofen's soul will be in one of the zombies bodies. Then the players will have to make a last stand and try to survive.


Misty wears a red flannel shirt tied in the front, worn over a visible black bra. She wears ripped and faded blue jeans, brown work gloves, and brown steel-toe boots that rise halfway up her shins. She also wears a belt with magazine pouches on it. She wears her brown hair in a short ponytail, covered by her white and green baseball cap. She has freckles, as well as cuts and scratches on her bare belly.

In Black Ops 4, her red flannel shirt is now untied, covering her midriff, and she wears a ripped grey vest underneath, replacing her black bra. She has two straps around her chest and back holding a gun holster. Her hair is slightly longer and she has almost no freckles.



Quote Occasion
Marlton, sweetie, would you turn the lights on? Upon starting
Aw, you scared, Marlton? Would you like a hug? In the bus
Stay in front of me, Gropeinger! I don't want you behind me in the dark.
Hey, Marlton, maybe we could build a tree fort together. Misty, passing the forest
Aw, I wish this diner had a jukebox! We could dance, Marly. In the diner
Um, what's that word Marlton uses? Splendiferous? Yeah, this is splendiferous! Getting Pack-a-Punch
I don't need Marlton to do all this... but it's nice to make him feel necessary. Crafting an item
I won't hurt Marlton's feelings by telling him I built this. I'll just say I found it. Creating a device
Huh. Some kind of wind machine... I'll ask Marlton what it does. Crafting the Turbine
Keep your eyes peeled, Marly. I gotta pop a squat behind a bush. Unknown
Oh, no, I'm out of bullets! if only a big, smelly IDIOT would protect me! Out of ammo
Let me show you boys how unarmed combat is SUPPOSED to go down.
I was a six-time knife-fightin' champ! I ain't afraid o' NOTHIN'.


Quote Occasion
Don't get scared, Marly! Just close your eyes if you have to! When Marlton gets swarmed
Woo! You been taking lessons, Marlton? When Marlton gets a headshot
Woah! Marlton's steppin' up his game!
Hey, player! Switch weapons! Holding a dry gun
Did Marlton make this? Getting the Raygun Mark II

Black Ops 4

Quote Occasion
"How would Marlton put this? Oh yeah! "I am indubitably underwhelmed." Getting a KAP-40


  • She is about 5'7 and 120 lbs.
  • As revealed in a TranZit quote, Misty wears several piercings.
  • She's likely from Kansas, since it has lots of big farming communities.
  • There was a fan-made myth about her being Tank Dempsey's daughter.
  • Misty favors shotguns, preferably the Remington 870 MCS and Executioner.
  • In an interaction between Marlton in Tag der Toten, she states that her father was a Marine.
  • She has a crush on Marlton, who reciprocates that feeling; they openly flirt and make romantic comments.
  • According to one of her quotes when obtaining Monkey Bombs, Misty had a pet monkey when she was a little girl.
  • When Pack-a-Punching a weapon in TranZit, one of her quotes reveals that she forgot what her mother looks like.
  • She's similar to Ilona and Rachel Kane; they are tough female Call of Duty characters with brown eyes, dark hair, and a ponytail.
  • She knew Russman before the events of TranZit, but their relationship isn't defined in-game, aside from helping recover Russman's memory.
  • On the back of Call of Duty: Black Ops II cover, Misty can be seen on top of the bus, holding a Winchester Rifle, which isn't obtainable in the game.
  • In the 2D animated Buried cutscene, Misty wears fingerless gloves instead of her rubber work gloves; she switches between the two pairs of gloves in the cutscene.
  • In the game's files, Misty has a special quote when obtaining a pack-a-punched M27. However, since Misty nor the M27 appear on the same map together, the quote is thus unused.
  • Misty seems to have been inspired by Zoey and Ellis from Left 4 Dead; Misty and Zoey have a very similar outfit colour, whilst Misty and Ellis are both hillbillies/rednecks that wear a cap.


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