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Abigail is the main protagonist of the 1993 animated film Once Upon a Forest. Her friends are Edgar and Russell. She is the only female of the trio. She is a young woodmouse and a tomboy, who lives with their two friends and a young badger named Michelle, who happens to be the niece of their teacher, Cornelius (whom they also live alongside).

She was voiced by Ellen Blain.


She is a smart and mischievous woodmouse who loves adventures. She likes being the leader and helping her friends. She has a crush on Willy.

Initially, she was always in a hurry and rushed into danger without thinking but after being rescued from the owl and recognizing that she was wrong, Abigail began to act more wisely and more open-minded.


Observing the horizon from the top of a tree until her father calls her for school time, Abigail comes down and briefly pranks the elder mouse by pulling its tail before leaving at school. Abigail late with her friends Russell the Hedgehog, Edgar the Mole and Cornelius' niece Michelle at Cornelius' house where a nice surprise is expected to await the children. Inside the old badger shows them a miniature airship of his invention but the chaos caused by the kids causes the object to break to the shock of Cornelius who had taken months to make it. Fortunately, Cornelius reveals to them that surprise awaits the class at the end of the study trip.

Walking to a willow tree for a brief lesson in the bark's healing powers for rheumatism, Abigail and Russell playfully tossed Edgar's hat on until Cornelius warns them they'll be halfway. turn if they don't educate themselves. As she gets back on the road, Abigail starts running to be in front, causing Russell to want to be in front for once. The two rascals end up falling on a road, which they had never seen before. As Cornelius warns them to come back, a car pops up and nearly crushes Russell as Abigail is able to get on the edge. With the miraculous survival of the hedgehog, Cornelius demands that the children forget this place forever before they leave.

The group arrives at the pond where the surprise turns out to be a canoe. Abigail and Russell briefly argue over the right to paddle until Cornelius declares that each will take their turn. After a while of sailing, Abigail attempts to retrieve Russell's oar which she apparently dropped, only to cause the entire group to fall into the water. As Cornelius berates the children for their unruly, they soon notice the birds flapping in fear in the sky. Fearing the worst because of the silence of the forest, the group hurries back.

Once back, they discover with dismay that the forest has been damaged. Worried about her parents, Michelle leaves the group despite their warning of the danger. Before the trio follow the little badger into his house, Cornelius warns them of the presence of deadly gas inside but Abigail enters anyway and alone. Avoiding inhaling the gas by covering her muzzle, the young mouse discovers that Michelle's parents have succumbed to the gas before finding Michelle unconscious. She then struggles to get Michelle out of the house while holding her breath to the surface. Cornelius thanks her for disobeying this time and then the group leaves.

After dark, the trio reunite at Cornelius' house after searching for their family in vain. The old badger then tells the children how he lost his parents to humans without being able to do anything, unlike the trio who can still save Michelle by collecting Euphrasia and Pulmonaria flowers to heal her. Abigail reveals that the flowers on the meadow are dead so Cornelius urges them to find another meadow and come back before the full moon, in other words in two days. The next day after filling up with supplies, the three friends say goodbye to a Cornelius staying at his niece's bedside and begin the perilous journey.

By the next nightfall, the boys are exhausted but Abigail refuses to stop now due to the short time remaining so she demands to continue to a tree in the middle of a plain. Russell gets tired again and causes a falling out when he points out to Abigail that she isn't carrying the bag just before a monstrous one-eyed owl grabs the mouse and takes it up the tree. Inside the hollow, Abigail breaks free by pricking the owl with a thorn. She hides for a moment from the predator to reach the exit only so that the fall of the magnifying glass which she kept in her pocket does not make her spot. As the vicious bird draws closer, Abigail uses the magnifying glass to enlarge her fangs, scaring the owl away but the bird's flapping wings force Abigail into the void. Luckily the fall of the mouse cushioned when it ran into Russell and Edgar who were climbing the tree. The trio hide under roots but the owl is still able to reach them and almost devours Abigail until Edgar scares her away by throwing dirt in her face as he tries to hide in the dirt. . Danger gone, Edgar begins to rebuke Abigail's recklessness but smiles fully acknowledging her mistakes and thanks her friends for coming to her rescue. The boys then notice that their situation is desperate but Abigail encourages them to believe that they will be okay.

In the early hours of the morning, the trio are awakened by a group of sadly singing religious birds, and Abigail suspects that they may know where a meadow is. The three friends then help the birds to save one of their child trapped in the mud and in thanks, the preacher Phinéas indicates to them a meadow further while warning them that they will have to pass by the country of the yellow dragons. Not afraid, Abigail says they can take care of themselves.

Arrived in the land of the yellow dragons who have started a construction site, the children repeatedly avoid being run over by construction vehicles before ending up in the sewers and expelled into a lake. Going up the hill to get their bearings, they discover with shock that they have finally reached the meadow. The trio then discover the local residents made up of mice and squirrels fighting over a single acorn. Having no time to wait for the childishness to end, Abigail drops one of the Willy mice who briefly filter with her when he realizes she is a girl. The trio then find the Euphrasia flower but then discover that the Pulmonaria is lodged on an impossible cliff to climb. With the blueprint of Cornelius' flying device, the trio build a life-size version and use it to fly. Abigail tries to grab the flower and falls into the void until Russell and Edgar save her in time while retrieving the flower.

Returning aboard the airship, the trio are caught in a thunderstorm in the evening and end up crashing after hitting an electric pole. Fortunately, they landed at the willow tree, allowing them to quickly reach Cornelius on foot. The group is however forced to flee when humans come to clean up the ravages of gas invade the place. Ultimately, they find out that these humans aren't bad after one of them frees Edgar from a trap. In a safe place, Cornelius prepares the antidote for Michelle, but we still have to wait until the next day.

In the morning, Abigail, Russell and Edgar become saddened believing Michelle to succumb to the gas until the little badger eventually wakes up. Overjoyed that his niece is alive, Cornelius congratulates the trio for being successful while growing so much in a matter of days. A moment later, the other forest dwellers are revealed to have survived the gas, and Abigail happily reunites with her father.


  • Abigail's eye color changes from scene to scene. She has green eyes in some scenes and blue eyes in others.