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My name is Abigail Walker, but my friends and enemies call me 'Fetch'. I've never hurt an innocent person in my life.
~ Abigail "Fetch" Walker.
So on the day of the crash, I escaped with all those skills. Everything I needed to set things right. Brent, I promise, every dealer I find, I'm gonna burn your name in their chest.
~ Abigail promising her late brother, Brent to stop drug dealers.

Abigail Walker, also known by her nickname Fetch, is one of the three protagonists, along with Delsin Rowe and Eugene Sims, in the 2014 video game InFamous: Second Son, and appears as the main playable protagonist in the DLC, InFamous: First Light.

She's a conduit labeled a bio terrorist who was into drugs, then killed her beloved brother in a rage, and after that went on a mission to kill drug dealers, but as eventually found and saved by Delsin. This version of the character only exists if the player plays the game with the good route. Should the player play the game with the evil route, then she'll be a villain. She, along with her comrades Delsin Rowe, Reggie Rowe, and Eugene Sims, works to dismantle the control and influence of the Department of Unified Protection (DUP).

She is voiced by Laura Bailey, who also voiced Maka Albarn in Soul Eater, Rayne in the BloodRayne series, Jaina Proudmoore in the World of Warcraft series, Chun-Li in the Street Fighter series, Angela Miller in Resident Evil: Degeneration, Sherry Birkin in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Serana in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard, Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6, Fiona in Tales from the Borderlands, Nadine Ross in the Uncharted series, Supergirl in Injustice 2, Kait Diaz in the Gears of War series, Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, Wonder Woman in Lego Batman Superheroes, Mary Jane Watson in Insomiac's Marvel's Spider-Man series, and Catwoman in Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within.


Abigail is rather distinctive in her looks, making her easily recognizable. Her dark pink hair, ring piercing and black earrings all serve to establish her rebellious image. She wears a white shirt with a pink skull wearing shades and putting a finger to its lips, covered by a worn green coat with pink patterns on the back and sides, with the sleeves slightly tucked up, along with a wristband. She wears dark red shorts over black ripped tight leggings and dark lavender pink boots.


Despite her rebellious tendencies, Abagail was loving and loyal to her brother Brent, seeing that he was the only one to accept her for being a conduit. She has a destructive side, as she shows some enjoyment in causing property damage and vandalizing walls with neon graffiti. Due to these tendencies, she is accused of enjoying killing by the likes of Shane and Brooke Augustine, but these qualities are pushed by the two for the most part. After accidently killing Brent, Abigail became guilt-ridden, and vowed to avenge his death by killing Shane, drug dealers and drug suppliers across Seattle. Additionally, Walker had a dislike for authority, as she was dismissive of Reggie, presumably due to authorities seeing her as nothing but a threat.



Abigail Walker was born in New Jersey to Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and the younger sister to Brent Walker, whom she was close to. Like many others, she was a conduit who survived the RFI blast that Cole MacGrath used to stop the Beast.

Her latent abilities would emerge in her teenage years with the ability to manipulate neon. Abigail accidently hurt a girl at school, revealing her powers, which caused Mr. and Mrs. Walker to call the authorities to apprehend Abigail. Brent decided to run away with Abigail when the authorities arrived at their residence, and the two remained homeless for a few years. While on the run, Brent gave Abigail rules to follow, such as not using her powers, to remain off the law's radar. At an unknown point in time, Abigail gained the nickname "Fetch", presumably given to her by Brent.

Needing solace while running from the law, Abigail and Brent turned to drugs, becoming addicts to the point that they committed theft to get drugs. However, Brent started to get clean so they could travel to Canada to get away from the Department of Unified Protection, an organization created to apprehend conduits. Brent started doing illegal work with criminals, notably Shane, so he can provide for him and Abigail to leave Seattle. Abigail refused to get clean at first, having become too addicted to drugs until Brent returned to her one day with a few teeth missing. Seeing that her brother needed help, Abigail became clean and started to pull her weight.

Infamous: First Light

On the night the siblings were prepared to leave Seattle, Abigail wanted to help Brent obtain their money, and did so before being ambushed by the Akurans. Abigail returned to the bay to help Brent from the criminals, but found their boat destroyed and his phone near the docks. Remaining at the docks till the following morning, she was greeted by Shane, who formerly employed Brent. Abigail agreed to help Shane fight against the Akurans so he could gain control of the criminal underbelly in Seattle if he could find Brent, and Fetch managed to find her brother after freeing civilians from crates. When reuniting with Brent, he was kidnapped by Shane, who wanted Abigail to continue helping him fight against the Akurans.

Abigail succeeded in helping Shane take over the drug trade in Seattle, but was also assisted by Shane's colleague, Jenny, who knew that he wouldn't give Walker her brother back. Jenny sent Abigail to destroy police cameras across the city since Shane had bribed cops to give him access to them. Jenny then assisted Abigail in trying to find Brent in containers, but realized it was setup, and Shane murdered Jenny before reminding Abigail what would happen if she betrayed him. Due to the D.U.P. being onto them, Shane decided to kill Abigail by setting her up once again, tricking her into entering a building filled with gas. Walker managed to survive by learning a new ability, and decided that she needed to destroy Shane's truck supplies to get his attention.

Defeating most of his gang and destroying his drug trucks, Abigail told Shane that he wouldn't hurt Brent since he needed her. Shane decided to set up a final confrontation, where he drugged Abigail with a needle. During her drug trip, Abigail lost control and accidently killed Brent, who's finals words to her that it wasn't her fault. Distraught and mourning, Fetch was apprehended by the D.U.P. and taken to Curdun Cay. For two years, Abigail was trained to use and control her powers with the unwilling assistance of fellow conduit, Eugene Sims, who could manipulate video and create holograms. Walker was also interrogated by the head of the D.U.P., Brooke Augustine, on the past events that led her being taken to Curdun Cay.

After going through more training and retailing of past events, Augustine revealed Shane to Abigail, and offered a deal to Walker a chance to kill him. Abigail agreed without hesitation, and after dealing with several D.U.P. soldiers in the area, murdered Shane, thus avenging Brent. Seeing that Walker was ready, Augustine had her sent into military custody, where she was to be transported alongside Eugene and Hank Daughtry. While being transported in an APC, Daughtry revealed that he snuggled a paperclip, allowing him to break out.

Infamous: Second Son

Upon Daughtry crashing the APC, Fetch and Eugene escaped to Seattle, where Abigail vowed to avenge Brent by eliminating drug dealers. Due to her actions, Abigail was labeled a bioterrorist by the D.U.P., who manipulated the news around the world to portray her as a serial killer. During her killings, Fetch was tracked down by Delsin and Reggie Rowe, with the former wanting to learn more about Augustine. She attempted to kill Delsin on two occasions, but failed after he obtained her neon powers and defeated her in combat. Upon her defeat, Reggie arrived to put Abigail in custody, but Delsin stopped, telling his brother that he was going to put her under his wing.

Abigail agreed to help Delsin learn to control neon by finding core relays, and came up with the idea of attacking drug suppliers rather than killing drug dealers to resolve the problem. Fetch later appears when she asks Delsin if he went on a rampage downtown, since he had the ability of smoke. Delsin realized that it was Daughtry, whom had the power of smoke, and decided to find him to get to Augustine. During Delsin's hunt, Abigail and Eugene were captured by the D.U.P. since Hank made a deal with Augustine to reunite with his daughter. Fetch and Eugene managed to escape from confinement when the island collapsed, and assisted Delsin in attacking Augustine's headquarters. Due to her assistance, Delsin managed to capture Augustine, thus ending the D.U.P.'s control and influence in the city, and help free the imprisoned conduits.

Powers and Abilities


  • Conduit-Physiology: Born a conduit, Abigail has basic superhuman abilities.
    • Enhanced Strength: As a conduit, her strength is increased, allowing to fight empowered D.U.P. soldiers with melee.
    • Enhanced Healing: Due to her conduit gene, Abigail has some basic level of healing from damage she has sustained, such as being flung out of a building from a bomb and being hit by a car. Her healing is further increased with neon, as upon absorbing it, her wounds are healed. She also appears to have low level regeneration, as she can heal from gunshot wounds.
  • Neon Manipulation: Abigail can control and manipulate neon, being able to absorb it from neon objects, and direct it enemies. She is able to shoot bolts of neon from her hands, which can use to find their weak spot to knock them down quickly. She is also able to create a singularity, a vacuum that causes all of the enemies in the area to be sucked into. Her most well known ability is light speed, where she is able to run endlessly in her light form, allowing her to evade the police with ease.


  • Fighting Skills: Though not advanced, Abigail does possess some basic fighting skills, as she can punch criminals and D.U.P. soldiers up close.
  • Parkour Skills: Abigail posses some basic level of parkour skills, as she can scale buildings with her hands, but is not adept at like Cole MacGrath or Delsin Rowe. Despite this, she prefers to scale building by using her neon powers.


  • Mortality: Despite her conduit physiology, Abigail is still mortal and can die from severe wounds or injuries.
  • Neon Regulation: Though Abigail can absorb neon, her body is regulated to need neon after she uses a large amount.
  • Addiction (formerly): Abigail was originally addicted to drugs, but became clean once she saw Brent was turning to illegal activities to provide for them.


  • Abigail is voiced and motion captured by Laura Bailey who, coincidentally, is married to Travis Willingham, Reggie's and Shane's voice actor. Ironically enough she has severe antagonistic relationships with both men, in the case of the former, insulting him by calling him 'Powerless' , while Reggie however does not react to this and in case of the latter going so far as to kill him.
  • Abigail mentions being a Pisces in the evil karma route. This puts her date of birth between mid-February and mid-March.
  • Abigail states she "never hurt an innocent person" in her life. However, this is untrue as she was forced to kill police in First Light, and she accidentally killed Brent.
  • According to a missing person's report found via the inFamous: Paper Trail game, Abigail is 23 years old. The report also reveals that her parents have been wanting to re-establish contact with her since the death of her brother Brent.
  • In the manga drawn by Celia Penderghast, Abigail is represented by Inazuma the peahen or, peafowl. "Inazuma" means "lightning bolt" in Japanese, likely a homage to Abigail's powers.
  • Abigail shares several characteristics with Nix from InFamous 2.
  • Abigail serves as a love interest to Delsin, explicitly shown in Evil Karma, mirroring Nix's relationship with Evil Cole.
    • Both possessed a destructive tendency.
    • Both possessed an issue with authority; Abigail is noticeably dismissive of Reggie, as Nix was with Lucy Kuo.
  • Abigail's powers could be seen as a reference to the mutant Jubilee from the X-Men series who also possessed light-based powers. Also like Jubilee, she also happens to have a similar spunky, rebellious, and optimistic attitude in terms of her overall personality.
  • She is a playable protagonist in InFamous: First Light. This is the first time in the InFamous series where the main protagonist is female.
  • Abigail is the most vulgar of all protagonists, swearing very frequently, both in battle and in cutscenes.
  • She got the nickname "Fetch" when she was 9 years old, though she refuses to explain how. This makes her the only protagonist to have a nickname, even though Delsin and Cole have been given names like Banner Man, Smoketastic Man, Demon of Empire City and Patron Saint of New Marais, they were only aliases.
  • She learned her melee attacks by watching anime (Japanese animation), as revealed in First Light.
  • The events of First Light appear to conflict with what Delsin saw when he probed her mind as he completed the draining of her Neon Manipulation power. Although this could be explained by a combination of the drugs she was taking at the time combined with the psychological trauma of Brent's death distorting her memory.
  • In First Light, her New Jersey accent is more noticeable, than in Second Son. This could be attributed to as First Light's flashbacks took place in 2015 - 2016, and she spent a year in Curdun Cay before the events of Second Son, which could have caused her to lose her accent.
  • In inFamous: First Light, Abigail shows some proficiency in using parkour, though probably not as adept as Cole or Delsin. Instead of climbing, Abigail mainly relies on her powers to scale buildings.
  • The jacket she wears in Second Son appears to be the same one Brent wore in First Light, although missing the burn mark left in the back. How she acquired it, is unknown.
  • In an interview in 2016, Troy Baker stated many of the scenes performed by Laura and himself were improvised due to lack of a completed script.

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