Abner is pet pig of Arnold Shortman and supporting character of Hey Arnold!.

He is voiced by creator, Craig Bartlett also voiced Brainy.


He is a pink pig.

In The Jungle Movie, he has gotten fatter.


Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

While on the plane, Abner stows away in his backpack. When everyone arrives in San Lorenzo, they are greeted by Arnold's parents' old friend, "Eduardo".

Later that night, "Eduardo" is smelled by Abner. Abner doesn't smell anything good and tried to warn Arnold, but to no avail, deciding to leave the ship so that he could warn Arnold's grandparents.

Abner managed to make it back to Arnold's grandparents, Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertie who see this as a sign that Arnold is in trouble.

A few months later, Arnold wakes up in his bedroom and rushes downstairs to find things seemingly back to the way it was before the trip, only this time his parents are cooking breakfast, when Arnold are ready for his first day of sixth grade and give him a bacon.


  • In The Jungle Movie, Abner enjoy eating bacon.
  • His species is Potbellied Pig.
  • Stella first mistook Abner for a sow (a female pig) and wanted to name him "Abigail" until she learned that he was a boar (a male pig).
  • Arnold has been shown to be completely devastated when Abner is in any danger; such as going missing ("Abner Come Home"), and even more so when he is captured and nearly barbequed ("The Pig War").



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