Abnes is a character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


Spokesman at one of the Seven Sages. Slogan is "Rori-kko publicity warrior". Incidentally, the logo has become "Abnes chan". Appearance is a little girl, angry In fact is said to little girl in reasonably good age. Little girl is holding a strong aversion to the system that govern the country become a goddess, from before joining the seven sages, and has been working to protect the little girl around the world. Fighting ability is quite low (one is attached in the event). Just words and deeds are just against their own prejudice against the goddesses, but the enthusiasm that want to protect the little girl is genuine. Claim is but unclear facing the really public relations because too extreme, the first place the other face it is in the clear legally perfect person because not suitable for public relations than Abnes. The truth of the kidnapping is separate the seven sages in that it has learned, and to cooperate with us Neptune. door that she opened to open next to even what kind of place (sound effects put on your own).

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