H-hello, I'm Abukuma, a light cruiser.
~ Abukuma

Abukuma (阿武隈 軽巡洋艦 Abukuma keijun'yōkan?) was a Nagara-class light cruiser in the Imperial Japanese Navy, named after the Abukuma River in the Tōhoku region of Japan. She saw action during World War II in the Attack on Pearl Harbor and in the Pacific, before being disabled in the Battle of Surigao Strait in October 1944, then bombed and sunk by the USAAF off the Philippines.


Abukuma has blue eyes and long blonde hair in an elaborate hairstyle featuring double buns and hair rings reminiscent of Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon. Her bangs come down between her eyes.

Her standard outfit is a serafuku with a seafoam green and white pattern, including three large buttons. She also wears black knee boots.

Her battle kit features four single-cannon turrets, with two as bracelet-like attachments to her wrists, and two turrets hanging off her hips.


Abukuma is a somewhat high-strung and self-conscious girl. She tends to fuss over her hair excessively, apparently as a joke about how her bow was destroyed in a collision with Kitakami. Kitakami is portrayed as having a teasing/dominant relationship with Abukuma because of this.


  • On October 1930, Abukuma collided with light cruiser Kitakami. Abukuma loses her bow while Kitakami sustained only light damage above the waterline. She was later fitted from the old spoon-shaped bow to a new double-curved one.
  • She was escorted by Ushio en route to repairs when she sunk. Ushio then rescued more than half of her crew.
  • Sunk 26 October 1944 bombed by USAAF B-24 Liberator bombers off Negros Island, Mindanao Sea 09°20′N 122°32′E
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