Acacius, also known as The Golden Light, is a fanmade monster who appears in the ending climax of the NES Godzilla Creppypasta who is given by Melissa to Zach in Zenith. He is the final monster given to Zack, and is the only monster capable of killing Red.


A golden (Somewhat Knight-like) Monster about the size of Solomon. Everytime he strikes an opponent, his hands become blades that do double Godzilla's damege. It is unknown if he is in armor or just looks like a suit of armor.


Zack acquires a used NES system along with the 1988 NES Godzilla game. At first, he dismisses some differences and glitches as being faulty memories and a dusty cartridge, but slowly he comes to realize the game is possessed by an entity that played a part in the worst night of his life.

The so-called glitches escalate to a point that Zack can no longer dismiss them. The game begins to produce graphics and sound well past anything the old NES could even dream of. Monsters from later and even much later in the Godzilla film series begin to appear, that were never in the game before. By the time Zack sees Lovecraftian creatures in the game, his ability to turn away is rapidly diminishing. Acacius is first encountered at the beginning of the final world, Zenith, where Zack notices he has a "new monster" and tries to pick it only to be denied by the game. Towards the end of Zenith, Zack tries to get revenge on Red in a final battle after Red states he killed and toutured his high school girlfriend, Mellisa. During this final confrontation, Zack is paralyzed by Red, who forces Zack to keep playing the game before eventually killing all of the playable monsters and trying and almost succeeding at killing Zack himself, until Melissa appears in-game and gives Zach "The 5th monster" in the form of Acacius, a very overpowered monster who succeeds at killing Red once and for all with Zack's life on the line. When Zack Sells the game on Ebay, Acacius's fate becomes unknown. It is presumed he is trying to escape the game (If The Game Wasent Distroyed By it's current owner) And find Reds "Soul Shards" Before they destroy everything.



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