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Ace (voiced by Cree Summer in US and Harley Bird in UK) is a Reptool character from the Netflix TV series Dinotrux.


Earlier in her life, Ace was part of a group known as the Reckless Wrench-Tools who loved to watch daredevil Dinotrux in action and even take part in their antics. On one particular outing, she tagged along with an Ankylodump named Grinder who became caught in a sandstorm that left him badly injured and from which he never fully recovered. At some point-whether before, during, or after this stint of her life-Ace took up residence in the Reptool Ravine in the Crater.


She is more the exciting type, eager to ride with the Dinotrux, and often feels like she is a Dinotrux in a Reptool body. She likes getting into the workings of Dinotrux to see how they're put together, and is inspired to build things despite the disbelief of others. Ace has a somewhat mischievous side, delighting in teasing Waldo and occasionally spooking Click-Clack.


According to the episode "Night", Ace's middle name is Wingnut; it is unknown what her last name is.


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