Ace (Real name Dorothy Gale McShane) was the deuteragonist in the 25th and 26th seasons of Doctor Who. A somewhat brash, but troubled teenager, Ace travelled with the Seventh Doctor, being mentored by him, and matured over the years into a strong, independent adult.

She was portrayed by Sophie Aldred.



Dorothy Gale McShane was born on the 10th of August 1970 to Audrey Dudman and Harry McShane. She was named after the main character from The Wizard of Oz because her mother and maternal grandmother were fans of the film.

Ace suffered a number of traumatic events, including a bad relationship with her mother and in 1983, her friend, Manisha, was killed after her flat was firebombed by Neo-Nazis. The latter of these 2 events prompted Ace to burn down an abandoned mansion called Gabriel Chase.

At School, Ace would set off fire alarms in order to miss double French lessons and she would ultimately wind up being expelled after blowing up the art room.

Doctor Who


In September of 1987, Ace was swept up in a time storm and brought to the deck of Sabalom Glitz's spacecraft, the Nosferatu. She soon got a job as a waitress in Iceworld's ice cream parlour where she met the Doctor and Mel. Shortly after meeting them, her career came to an end when she poured a milkshake over a customer's head, thus resulting in Anderson firing her.

When Mel left the Doctor, Ace was offered to travel with him, which she enthusiastically accepted.

Ace travelled with the Doctor in his seventh incarnation.

Remembrance of the Daleks

The Doctor and Ace arrived in London in November of 1963 where they encountered a civil war between 2 Dalek factions: The Renegade Daleks who were loyal to the Supreme Dalek, and the Imperial Daleks who were loyal to the Emperor Dalek (Who was actually Davros). Both factions were trying to claim the Hand of Omega.

During the battle between the 2 factions, Ace managed to destroy one Dalek using an anti-tank rocket and severely damaged another one by hitting it with her baseball bat which the Doctor had energised using the Hand of Omega. Over time, Ace grew close to Seargent Mike Smith, but was horrified when he turned out to a traitor for the Renegade Dalek aligned Association, a racict organisation. Mike was killed by a young girl the Renegades were using for their battle computer, leaving Ace to face her. After the hold over the girl was broken, Ace comforted her.

The Curse of Fenric

The Doctor and Ace arrived in Northumberland during World War 2 where they found out that Ace's travels with the Doctor were all part of Fenric's plan to release himself and gain revenge on the Doctor for imprisoning him in a flask. It was here where Ace met a woman called Kathleen Dudman who had a baby named Audrey. Even though Ace hated the name due to it being the same name that belonged to her mother, she took a liking to the baby.

When the base was attacked by Haemovores, Ace sent Kathleen and her baby into a jeep and told them to go to London where Ace's nan would look after them. Upon confronting Fenric and the Ancient One, Fenric revealed to Ace that Kathleen's baby would grow up to become the mother that she hated.

When Fenric ordered the Ancient One to kill Ace and the Doctor, Ace kept her faith in the Doctor, creating a psychic barrier to keep the Ancient One back, After Fenric asked the Doctor to kneel if he wanted Ace to live, but the Doctor callously told him to kill her, revealing that he knew that Ace had Fenric's evil inside of her. After the Doctor cut deeper into Ace, the young girl broke down with her faith shattered, allowing the Ancient One to kill both himself and Fenric.

Later, at Maiden's Point, Ace dove into the water to overcome her psychological troubles after she was forced to face them by the Doctor's harsh words, which he said to break Ace's faith in him so that the Ancient One could act.


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A Charitable Earth

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At Childhood's End

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Farewell, Sarah Jane

In this 2020 audio story, Ace was among the several companions of the Doctor who attended the funeral of Sarah Jane Smith.


  • Ace's real name is inspired by Dorothy Gale, given Ace's story somewhat resembles Dorothy.


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