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Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
~ Aces signature line.

Ace Ventura is the protagonist of the Ace Ventura films Pet Detective and Nature Calls and is played by the legendary Jim Carrey.


Pet Detective

In pet detective we are first introduced to Ace Ventura who is a zany and weird pet detective who cares very much about animals. He displays this when he saves a dog from a man who took it from his girlfriend. He puts himself on the line for the dog. Then we also learn he has financial difficulties and pays enough rent to have a small apartment where he resides with his secret animals the landlord has no clue about. The central plot is that a dolphin from a sports game has been lost and sports player Dan Marino's life is on the line. When inquired if he will accept by the community, he says yes and goes on to cracking the case. He goes undercover with Mellissa Robinson and they go to a gala and investigate in the end though it amounts to nothing. On the other side of the story, the zany detective comes face to face with the lieutenant Einhorn or Lois Einhorn. She is cold to him and tells him to stay out and even when a man involved is murdered he starts to give up. After regaining Melissa's trust and going to the suspect named Ray Finkle's house and meeting his parents he learns that Dan Marino made him lose the game that ruined his life. And so he captured him and the dolphin. He later seeks more information in Finkle's mental institution and then finds and reveals that he is Einhorn. The Dolphin is returned and everyone celebrates.

When Nature Calls

In this adventure it begins with Ace Ventura getting advice from monks after failing to protect a raccoon. It drove him into a depression and as much as the monks wanted to help him they had to kick him out. So when a new case arises Ace is called. There are two tribes who are bonded by a bat and as long as it's missing they will go to war and they will not have a peaceful marriage. Ace needs to find it and allies with the Watachi Tribe and Vincent Cadby to do so. Ace Ventura has a connection with the princess and other than that we know it doesn't extend further and they travel into the enemy village to learn more. But even before that through a party he knows who to interrogate and through a comical Rhino disguise finds him and learns he isn't responsible. After some more extensive investigation he learns poachers have the bat and tries to scare them. This fails and later he reveals through the monks help of visions that the Genocidal Vincent Cadby is behind the plot and he serves the time he deserves presumably even perishing at the hands of a bear. Ace wins and the story ends on a happy note.

Post Movies

He and Melissa marry shortly after the second movie and have a son who is the main protagonist of a future follow up.


Ace Ventura is Zany and Crazy that sometimes he appears comical and out of his mind. Even psychopaths like Ray Finkle look more sane than him and at the end of the day it is hard to know if it is an act.