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Ace Visconti is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Of Flesh and Mud. A charismatic gambler Ace uses his luck to increase the odds of his fellow survivors.


Ace has used his charm and luck to gamble, scam, seduce, and smooth talk his way to a life of luxury. One day he and a friend of his named Wallace went into a sports bar where they noticed MMA champion Mika James and began placing bets on a guy who was about to eat a bowl of slugs Ace bet that the guy would swallow the whole bowl and it seemed to be going in Ace's favor, but before the man could eat the last slug he vomited causing Ace to lose the bet. When Wallace makes another bet to Ace: to last 5 minutes against Mika James, double or nothing however Wallace states that if Ace loses he gets his lucky alligator tooth. Ace accepts not wanting to lose his lucky charm. Ace gets beaten to a pulp by Mika but ultimately is able to last 5 minutes and wins the bet (and a trip to the hospital). Ace began gambling more and more until he ended up in huge debt to the wrong people, however when said people went to teach Ace a lesson he was nowhere to be found and was reported missing some time later. Ace was taken to the Entity's realm where he intends to survive and escape, no matter what the odds.


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