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To fight beside a man so driven by personal gain and glory is a hard thing, Edward. And I have come to feel the Assassins - and their creed - a more honourable course.
~ Adéwalé to Edward on joining the Assassins.
I feel a tide changing within me. I am no longer young. I must devote my energy to those who struggle for freedom. I will use my conviction in my Creed to defend them, alongside anyone who will help me.
~ Adéwalé to Bastienne Josèphe.

Adéwalé was a former slave-turned-pirate from Trinidad who would later become a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. He is the deuteragonist in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the main protagonist of Freedom Cry and a supporting antagonist of Assassin's Creed: Rogue.

Adéwalé served as Edward Kenway's quartermaster aboard the Jackdaw before eventually assuming the captaincy of his own vessel, the Victoire, and later the Experto Crede in 1735. He briefly set aside his duties as an Assassin in order to aid the Maroon rebellion in Saint Domingue. Adéwalé still continued to serve the Assassins, but was later killed by the Templar Shay Cormac in 1758, which crippled the Assassin order.

He is voiced by Tristan D. Lalla.


Early Life

Adéwalé was born in the country of Trinidad to unnamed parents, and was born into slavery alongside his family, who worked on the sugar plantations and were oppressed by their owners. In 1708, pirates raided the sugar plantation, and Adéwalé joined the crew after killing his master and helping them pillage the land. Adéwalé and the pirate crew were later ran off the coast of Havana, and were captured by the Spanish. Due to Adéwalé being multilingual, his captors decided to send him to Spain as an interpreter, and placed him in a treasure fleet to be sent off.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

While imprisoned on the treasure fleet, Adéwalé was chained beside the pirate Edward Kenway, who managed to trick the Templar Order into thinking he was the assassin Duncan Walpole. The two broke free from their bonds, and managed to rescue fellow prisoners and capture a brig named the El Dorado. After escaping from the storm with the brig, Adéwalé became Kenway's quartermaster, and the two sailed to Nassau due to the town being claimed by free men. In the town, Kenway met with Edward Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold, and James Kidd, and Edward then went onto to recruit pirates for his ship, which he named the Jackdaw. Adéwalé served Kenway with loyalty, helping the captain take care of the crew, and pointing out locations and anything of interest while sailing through the sea. However, Adéwalé slowly became disillusioned with Kenway's obsession with profit, and him willing to work with Governor Laureano de Torres y Ayala and Bartholomew Roberts.

When Roberts and his crew attacked the Jackdaw when he and Kenway went to the Observatory, Adéwalé took control of the ship and left Edward behind, feeling some regret but also knowing he made the right choice. Adéwalé then encountered the Assassin Order, and found their cause to be something that suited him, and decided to join the order after being mentored by Ah Tabai. After joining the order, Adéwalé went to look for Edward and learned that he was imprisoned in Portal Royal alongside Mary Read (who was guised as James Kidd) and Anne Bonny. Though Edward and Anne were rescued, Mary died from illness, and Adéwalé pushed his former captain to join the Assassins, and returned the Jackdaw to him. Edward took Adéwalé's words to heart, and decided to join the order to stop Governor Torres, Roberts, and the Templar Order from using the Observatory. Kenway managed to stop Governor Torres in the Observatory, and Ah Tabai placed the skull back to its place.

Freedom Cry

In 1735, Adéwalé and the crew of the Victoire eliminated a ship that was passing by Saint Domingue, and Adéwalé collected a parcel meant for Bastienne Josèphe. After collecting the parcel, the Victoire was attacked by the French fleet, and the crew were forced to flee through a powerful storm. Adéwalé captained the ship and let his crew escape, but Adéwalé was washed ashore near the town of Port-au-Prince, and found himself in a town where the slave trade was populated. Adéwalé then rescued a slave from an overseer, and learned from her that a gentlemen could lead him to Bastienne. Adéwalé managed to reach to Bastienne at a local brothel, and she tasked him with helping Augustin Dieufort, who was a the Maroon leader who was rebelling against the overseers.

Adéwalé managed to rescue Augustin from the overseers attacking his hideout, and was asked by Augustin to help him liberate slaves across the town before he returned to the Assassins. Having been born into slavery himself, Adéwalé agreed to help, and was later convinced to capture the Experto Crede so they could rescue the slaves inside the slave ship. He hen then returned to Bastienne, who tasked him with spying on Governor Pierre de Fayet to see why he's become strict on enforcing the Code Noir, and is not allowing her join the party at his mansion. Adéwalé learns that Fayet hired a scientist to map the circumference of the Earth, so that the French can have accurate geographical knowledge. Adéwalé was intrigued about the knowledge, as he knew the information would help the Assassins, but Bastienne was angered at his arrogance.

The French slowly began to the panic due to the Marron rebellion growing in numbers since Adéwalé was liberating slaves in the twon, and became to impose more harsher punishments. After failing to save most slaves from a slave ship that was sinking, Adéwalé helped Augustin bury them and swore to kill Fayet. In 1737, Adéwalé managed to kill the governor, and decided to put his energy to helping those who were struggling to be free from oppression and slavery. Before leaving Port-au-Prince, Adéwalé gave Bastienne the parcel, and the two had a one night stand. Bastienne would later become pregnant with his son, and Adéwalé continued to serve the Assassins.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue

During the Colonial Brotherhood Purge, Adéwalé continued to serve the brotherhood while also trying to stop Shay Cormac, and Assassin turned Templar. Due to his actions of attacking the Royal Navy, Adéwalé became a target for the Templars, and Adéwalé was confronted by Edward's son, Haytham Kenway. While telling Haytham that his father would disapprove of him due to him being a Templar, Cormac fatally wounded Adéwalé. The assassin told Shay how he regrets seeing him fall in serving the Templars, and declared him a monster. Shay lamented that the claim may have been true, and Adéwalé died of his wounds. Cormac would continue to hunt down the Assassins, and Haytham would cripple Achilles to prevent him from coming after them.


Adéwalé and Bastienne's son, Babatunde would have a child of his own named Eseosa, who would also join the Assassins and helped them during the Haitian Revolution. Despite his death, Edward's grandson, Connor, would defeat the Templar's Colonial Rite and break their control in the New World. Adéwalé would later have a descendent named Milton Jones, who is currently an employee of Abstergo Industries.


Born in a life of slavery, Adéwalé was a stern and hardened individual. Unlike his captain, Adéwalé was more serious and less brash, acting as the voice of reason to Edward's grandiose ambitions. Nonetheless, he had a small sense of humor, as shown when he jokingly called the Observatory 'Captain Kenway's folly', due to Edward's selfish actions to seek the precursor site. He was also a humble individual, deciding to have Edward captain the Jackdaw, despite Edward's inexperience as a captain.

Though Adéwalé had chosen a life of piracy, he found that when serving under Edward, he lacked the conviction to partake in an industry of dishonest work. After being introduced to the Assassins and the failure of Nassau, Adéwalé was opened up to the wisdom and nobility of the Assassins, and served them dutifully.

Due to the harsh treatment he had experienced as a slave, Adéwalé notably spoke out against it and even lost his composure. He was unwilling to cooperate with Edward once he realized he was bartering with Laurens Prins, a known slaver. Moreover, he also warned Edward not to fire at slave ships, worried about the lives below deck and was appalled at how reckless Charles Vane was, who fired blindly at the same. He also gave de Fayet a slow and painful death, when the latter disregarded the slaves as mere animals.

Despite having many disagreements with Edward over the latter's selfish actions, Adéwalé nonetheless held the captain in high regard, even towards the end of his life. He managed to convince Edward to turn to the Assassins as a way to amend his mistakes. When confronting Edward's son, Haytham, Adéwalé expressed disappointment in Haytham for becoming a Templar, and likewise mentioned that Edward would feel the same.

Powers and Abilities

You have the brand of a slave, the eloquence of a scholar... hands of a sailor... and an Assassin's hood.
~ Bastienne Josèphe, 1735.


  • Eagle Vision: Additionally, like his friend Edward, Adéwalé possessed the rare ability of Eagle Vision, a form of supernatural senses, inherited by beings who are descendants of Isu people. He can see through walls, predict movements and even hear conversations from afar, which provides him an advantage against his enemies.


  • Master Assassin: He was both a highly skilled Master Assassin. He learned and developed a vast array of skills, such as picking pockets, blending into crowds, armed and unarmed combat, alternative or multiple weapon attacks, stealth and public assassination techniques, free-running and long-range combat.
  • Peak-Human Condition: Due to extensive training, diet regimes and meditative techniques, he is has olympic levels of strength, speed, endurance & agility.
    • Superior Strength: He was several times that of even the strongest soldiers of the British Army. His punches could easily kill a person and break metal plating on armor. In terms of brute strength, he seems to be stronger than other Master Assassins as he is an able to lift to full-grown men up.
    • Superior Mobility: His reflexes, agility, and speed are also more potent, being able to easily counter and defeat hordes of opponents. He was able to kill many of them before they could even see him coming to them, as he moves with such great speed and agility.
    • Superior Stamina: He can even fight an entire army without showing any signs of fatigue.
    • Superior Durability: He also has a great deal of durability as he was able to land on his feet, after falling from several stories, without any signs of struggle or lack of comfort. He was even capable of surviving being stabbed deep in the stomach by a deadly poisoned blade.
    • Superior Metabolism: His metabolism is also superior, as he recovered from being stabbed in the stomach by a sharp blade dipped in deadly poison within several moments. This has also allowed him to retain his inhuman physical prowess in his advanced age as well.
  • Master Martial Artist: He has the skills from being a pirate and later on a Master Assassin. He was skilled enough to defeat several soldiers and fight many people at the same time.
    • Swordsmanship: Being trained by pirates and later, the Assassins, Edward was skilled in the use of blades. He was expertly able to fight many people at once and wield dual swords in combat. Originally, swords were not his forte, but after long hours of practice and training and straight-up fighting, Edward became one of the best swordsmen in the Brotherhood's history.
    • Expert Acrobat: Like any Master Assassin, he is a remarkable free-runner, parkour master & mountaineering expert. These abilities combined with his seemingly superhuman strength & speed, made his acrobatic prowess far more profound than all the other Assassins, before and after him.
    • Assassinations: His primary objective is to use the Hidden Blade to assassinate his targets.
    • Expert Spy: He is well adept in blending in his surroundings as well as sneaking around heavily guarded places. He would usually blend in with dense crowds and mimic their activities. He is extremely skilled in espionage, stealth, infiltration, disguise, thievery, and eavesdropping, tracking, locksmith.
    • Marksmanship: He has proven to be an expert at using the Pistol able to hit his targets from very far away.
    • Gadgetry: He used Hidden Blades, swords, pistols, throwing knives, axes, muskets, smoke bombs, rope darts and a blowpipe, he proved able to Dual-wield several combinations of these weapons with excellent proficiency.
  • Expert Sailor: Adewale was able to captain a ship with expert skill.


  • Hidden Blades: The signature weapon of the Assassin Order, Adéwalé was given hidden blades after joining the brotherhood. Two sharped blades placed into a bracer or gauntlet, they are used to stealthily assassinate opponents up close.
  • Smoke Bombs: Adéwalé wields smoke bombs, which he can use to escape from enemies if there are too many for him to handle, or if he wants to escape after being detected.
  • Blowpipes: Adéwalé was given blowpipes by the Assassins, which are used to either put an enemy asleep or to make them go berserk and attack their allies.
  • Rope Darts: Adéwalé was given rope darts by the Assassins, which allow to stealthily kill opponents from high places, or knock them off of their balance.
  • Machete: Adéwalé collected a rusty machete on the shore of Port-au-Prince.
  • Blunderbuss: A firearm used during the age of piracy, Adéwalé was given a blunderbuss by Augustin Dieufort after rescuing him. The firearm allowed Adéwalé to kill multiple targets due to its spread and firepower.


  • His name is a variant of the Yoruba name "Adebowale', which means "crown has come home".
  • The character was originally going to be born in Martinique, but it was changed to honor his voice's actors heritage.

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