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Ada & Eva are major protagonists of the 2016 Disney Channel TV series Soy Luna.

They serves as major protagonists of the first part of the second season and mentioned characters in the second part. Ada later returns without Eva as a supporting protagonist of the third season. They are a twin sister duo of aspiring singers who both want to join Roller Band since it requires a female voice, though only one of them gets to sing so they lie to everyone by pretending to be the same person summoned to the place by VIDIA to sing with the band, although with a lot of misunderstandings and serious consequences.

They are portrayed by Candelaria Molfese who previously played Camila Torres in Violetta.


Season 2

On behalf of both VIDIA and Juliana, the current Jam & Roller manager and trainer, Eva is summoned to Jam & Roller to join Roller Band in need of a female voice. However, she is revealed to have a twin sister named Ada as both of them want to join the band but pretend to be the same person in order to do so, yet their plan is put in jeopardy, mainly due to them having a crush on both Pedro (on Eva's case) and Nico (on Ada's case).

This eventually causes a lot of misunderstandings between Pedro and Nico, who are constantly fighting even during their rehearsal, particularly when Eva lies about going on a date with both of them and, during another argument, Pedro accidentally spills the beans to Jim, Nico's ex-girlfriend who overhears them, about having a crush on Eva (still believing the twins to be the same person) while he was still dating her, thus making Jim mad at Nico believing that was the reason he wanted to break up with her. Because of this, Simón always has to step in and calm both of them down, telling them to keep their differences aside and work as a team, even pressuring Eva to tell the truth to both Pedro and Nico or he will.

Little by little, some of the Roller gang find out about Ada and Eva, yet they do not tell anyone until their deception is finally exposed when Nico and Pedro once again start to fight while on the verge of performing with Eva. After Ada reveals herself to the shocked audience, the fight is further worsened and becomes physical and Simón is accidentally pushed off the stage trying to break them up. When Ada and Eva start to argue over who is at fault, Pedro snaps at them both that it was their fault. As a result of the scandal, Juliana bans Roller Band from performing ever again. Ada and Eva are truly remorseful for their actions and separately apologize to Nico and Pedro for the damage, although they refuse to forgive them, not only for lying about being twin sisters but also because they played with their feelings before they leave Jam & Roller for good.

In the second part, they do not appear but are mentioned only once by Nico when he says that they have joined another band.

Season 3