Adam is the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and therefore Kit's Ventara counterpart, who betrayed the other Kamen Riders venting them while in suspended animation (save for Kase and Len) in order to help Xaviax take over Ventara. Adam wanted to retire from being a Kamen Rider after Eubulon disappeared, which Xaviax promised to do after venting the other Riders. Not wanting to fight anymore after betraying his fellow Riders, he secludes himself with Sarah in an illusion created by Xaviax until he is called upon again after all the Riders but Len are vented. his serves as a strong contrast to his Earth counterpart, Kit Taylor.


  • Stephen Lunsford who portrays Adam, also portrays the lead role of Kit Taylor.
  • He shares his name with Black Power Ranger Adam Park. Coincidentally, the latter's actor, Johny Yong Bosch, is the voice of Dragon Knight and Onyx in the video games.
  • Adam is the only ventaran rider to have met his Earth twin.
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