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Adam (アダム, Adamu) is a major character of the manga Record of Ragnarok, and the second of the Einherjar, the thirteen historical fighters chosen to defend humanity by confronting thirteen gods in thirteen duels during the Ragnarök tournament. Each human fighter being accompanied by one of the thirteen Sisters Valkyrie metamorphosed into a weapon capable of hurting the gods, called Volund, the Volund of Adam is an American fist generated by Reginleif, the 7th Sister Valkyrie.

It is the first human in history, born seven million years ago. It is considered the most hated man by the gods, since he left the paradise of his designers to go down on earth with Eve founding "their own paradise".


Adam is a good man with very clear blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a sheet hiding the jets for unique clothing, and most of the time has an impassive expression, or a fine smile.

Like all human fighters, Adam is invoked for the Ragnarok tournament with the body he possessed at his golden age in terms of power. It appears at a pretty young age, where it is moderately muscular. It is also presented as "a very attractive and cute male". Michelangelo, the great painter of the Renaissance, recognizes "a perfect body" by seeing Adam enter the Ragnarok arena.


Adam is a very calm and posed person. He is confident in his abilities and refuses to show respect to whoever, even towards Zeus, to whom he speaks as to a normal person, which shocks a lot of gods. He is more very protective towards his loved ones. He goes to deliberately a lot of apples under the eyes of a court of gods, while it comes up to banishment, and this in order to accompany Eve who had just been banned.

It shows himself from perseverance and extreme stamina in combat. Even when he has no chance of winning, he continues to fight until losing life, instead of capitulating and keeping life saves, for the simple reason that the cries of despair of humans in the grads Evoked him the tears of his children, and he wanted to protect them to the end. Even dead, his body devoid of soul continues to bear blows until the total depletion of the opponent.