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Adam is the primary main protagonist character and one of the three main characters (later six) of the late 2010s Netflix series, The Hollow. Adam is clever, incredibly strong, and agile, and assumes the role of leader of the group. In Season 2, he is revealed to be gay.

He is voiced by Adrian Petriw.


Adam is shown to be brave, clever, and a quick thinker. He unofficially takes the role as leader even though he claims he doesn't want to be. Adam often tends to motivate his teammates to persevere when they want to give up. He has a sense of loyalty and trust for his teammates. By contrast, he remains skeptical and distrusting of the rival team.

Adam can be stubborn and easily frustrated at times, particularly when his friends disagree with him or when he's at a loss for how to lead the team.


Adam is Hispanic and has brown skin and black hair. He has thick black eyebrows and black eyes like every other player in the game. Adam wears dark green cargo pants, white shoes, and a black T-shirt that depicts the symbol of The Hollow.


Five hours prior to entering the Hollow's virtual reality, Adam and his teammates are instructed on the rules of the game. After choosing his character's secret powers, Adam, Mira, and Kai enter the simulation.


  • He is the first character to display a superpower in Season 1 Episode 1.
  • He is confirmed to be sixteen years old by Josh Mepham.
  • Before Adam was revealed to be gay, in Season 2 Episode 1, a pride flag can be seen in his room.